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The Revised Platinum Triangle Expansion Project Subsequent Environmental Impact Report No. 339 (SCH#2004121045)

Notice of Determination 


Final Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (Response to Comments)

o  Appendix A Affordable Housing Information

o  Appendix B Revised Traffic Study

o  Appendix C Supplemental Traffic Analysis

o  Appendix D Water Supply Memo



Draft Environmental Impact Report

o   Notice of Availability

o   Volume 1 (entire document)

§  Chapter 1            Executive Summary

§  Chapter 2            Introduction

§  Chapter 3            Project Description

§  Chapter 4            Environmental Setting

§  Chapter 5.1         Aesthetics

§  Chapter 5.2         Air Quality

§  Chapter 5.3         Hydrology and Water Quality

§  Chapter 5.4         Land Use and Planning

§  Chapter 5.5         Noise

§  Chapter 5.6         Population and Housing

§  Chapter 5.7         Public Services

§  Chapter 5.8         Recreation

§  Chapter 5.9         Transportation and Traffic

§  Chapter 5.10      Utilities and Service Systems

§  Chapter 5.11      Greenhouse Gas Emissions

§  Chapter 6            Significant Unavoidable Adverse Impacts

§  Chapter 7            Alternatives to the Proposed Project

§  Chapter 8            Impacts found not to be Significant

§  Chapter 9            Significant Irreversible Changes due to the Proposed Project

§  Chapter 10          Growth-Inducing Impacts of the Proposed Project

§  Chapter 11          Organizations and Persons Consulted

§  Chapter 12          Qualifications of Persons Preparing EIR

§  Chapter 13          Bibliography

o   Volume 2 (entire document)

§  Appendix A        Notice of Preparation and Initial Study

§  Appendix B         Comments on Notice of Preparation

§  Appendix C         Air Quality Modeling Output

§  Appendix D        Noise Modeling Output

§  Appendix E         Public Services Correspondence

§  Appendix F         Traffic Study

§  Appendix G        Water Supply Assessment

§  Appendix H        Sewer Study Technical Memorandum

§  Appendix I          Proposed Amendments to the Platinum Triangle Master Land Use Plan

§  Appendix J          Infrastructure/Facility Improvements

§  Appendix K         HCD’s Approval Letter for the City’s Housing Element