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Get Six Free Trees for the Price of None


Help your trees survive
the drought


Water Conservation Corner
Conserve Water


Trees are more than just for the birds. They can beautify your yard, improve air quality, make summer air feel cooler and cut lawn irrigation in half. Plus, shade trees around your home can reduce your air conditioning needs by up to 40 percent.

Just say the word, and you’ve got it made in the shade – with up to six free trees from our TreePower program. Choose from more than 40 available species! We’ll even send a TreePower specialist to your home to help you select the best trees for your location and give you easy tips - on planting and care.

Tree Planting Guide Video


Tree Planting Tips

Plant one, or six, on us.

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Water Efficient Landscape
Water Efficient Landscape

Little John

Anaheim's Electric and Water Provider 

 If you have questions, please contact TreePower at 714.491.TREE.

Para más información, llame al 714.491-TREE