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Heat Pump Incentives Program

For efficient, cost-effective heating and air conditioning

Clean, safe, efficient heat pumps are a cost effective way to provide air conditioning in Southern California’s arid climate. They also save space because one unit handles both heating and cooling. We can help you determine if this technology is a wise choice for your business, and if so, we will also offer you a rebate on the purchase and installation of your new heat pump.

Economical Operation - The efficiency of heat pumps provides cost-effective air conditioning in Southern California's climate. What's more, heat pumps are clean and safe.

Low-Cost, Space-Saving Installation - Since one unit can handle both heating and cooling in one, heat pumps can save space, making them ideal for smaller sites, such as apartments, single-family residents, classrooms, and small businesses.

Cash Rebates - We'll help you afford the costs to purchase and install heat pumps. A typical cash rebate for a four-ton unit is $600, which is about a quarter of the unit's cost. Rebates are based on heat pump size and efficiency; most heat pump rebates are based on $150 per ton.

How the Program Works

  1. Contact us to discuss whether this technology will be practical for your air conditioning, heating, and water heating. Our discussion will cover size, installation requirements, cost, and benefits.
  2. If you decide to install a heat pump, we will calculate and issue a pre-approved commitment for a rebate amount.
  3. You purchase your heat pump from the vendor of your choice and have it installed within 60 days after receiving your pre-approval from the Department.
  4. Our representative will come to your site to verify the installation, typically within 5 days or less upon notification by customer that the project is complete and ready for inspection.
  5. You will receive your rebate check within 6 weeks of the post installation inspection and our receipt of your paid itemized invoice.

How Rebates Are Calculated

Rebates are based on heat pump size and efficiency rating.

Sample Rebate Calculations
SEER* Incentive Size Rebate Amount
14 $100 4 tons $400
15 $150 4 tons $600
16 $300 4 tons $1,200
*Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

The maximum rebate amount per meter, per project is $50,000 or 50% of material and labor costs, whichever is less.

For more information, call 714.765.4259 or fill out the form below. You may also e-mail your questions directly to our program representative.

(Subject to available funding.)

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