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Refrigerator Recycling Program

Recycle your spare refrigerator/freezer and receive $50

Anaheim Public Utilities offers a $50 incentive for retiring your operating spare refrigerator or freezer. In many households, the refrigerator is the single biggest energy-consuming appliance. By eliminating your operating spare unit, you will save on your electric bill and help reduce your impact on the environment. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

How the Program Works

1. Contact us to confirm eligibility and arrange for pickup.

2. We'll send a certified recycling contractor to pick up and dispose of the unit properly.

3. You will receive your incentive check within 6 weeks after the pickup of the unit.

Program Advantages

• Older operating refrigerators and freezers can cost as much as $100-$125 per year to operate - particularly those working outside during the hot summer months.

• 98% of the material from the old appliances is reused. As part of the recycling process, we dispose of all harmful refrigerants in an environmentally sound way.

• Recycling spare appliances helps reduce peak summer demand and energy consumption by removing electric base-load equipment from the electric system.


  • Anaheim Public Utilities residential electric customers are eligible for the incentive.
  • The old refrigerator must be full-sized, between 14 and 26 cubic feet. Mini refrigerators, such as wine coolers or dorm coolers, and commercial-sized refrigerators do not qualify.
  • Only one operating unit may be recycled for incentive, unless preapproved by Anaheim Public Utilities.

For more information about Refrigerator Recycling, call 877.838.1155.

(Subject to available funding.)