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California Preservation Foundation 2011 Preservation Design Award


The Community Development Department is proud to announce that the “Anaheim Citywide Historic Preservation Plan” was chosen by the California Preservation Foundation for a 2011 Preservation Design Award.


The Plan, adopted by the Anaheim City Council in May 2010, is a result of collaboration between City staff, the Anaheim Historic Preservation Committee (made up of interested Anaheim residents), and the City’s consultant.  It provides a comprehensive tool for City staff, decision makers and community members to preserve and manage the unique and treasured historic resources located throughout Anaheim’s diverse neighborhoods.


Prior to the approval of this Plan, only those structures within Anaheim’s four historic districts (comprising approximately two square miles) were recognized for their historic value.  The Plan now includes historic resources throughout Anaheim’s entire 50 square miles.  The Plan documents the various eras of Anaheim’s history, visually and verbally identifies the types of architectural features found in Anaheim, provides a glossary of local architectural terms and sets a course for capturing the history of the more “recent past” that is on the verge of being designated historic.


Click here to see the Plan.


Did you know
that there are now 262 properties in Anaheim that participate in the City's
Mills Act program?  This is the third largest number of properties for cities in California.  The owners of these properties have agreed to maintain and preserve the historical integrity of their homes in exchange for receiving a reduction in their property tax.


In 2011, nine homes earned Mills Act status.  





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