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Green Building Program

Many Incentives for Building Green In Anaheim

We’re working as a community to build a stronger, more enduring and sustainable City – and we would be pleased to have you join us in our mission. Building smarter and planning with an eye to the future lowers energy use and operating costs, reduces the impact on our community and planet, creates healthy indoor and outdoor environments, and sustains our natural resources. The many incentive programs we offer are designed to help you build greener – and more successfully – in Anaheim.

Green Building Incentives

  • Design Review Assistance through New Construction Program
  • $1,000 to $30,000 upon certification by USGBC (LEED), California Green Build, Build It Green or other rating programs.
  • Initial Green Building and Expedited Plan Check Fees of up to $50k will be reimbursed.

Incentives At-A-Glance


A wide variety of rating programs, such as Build it Green, California Green Build and Green Building Initiative Green Globes, offer certification for projects that include multi-family, affordable housing, single-family, commercial, small business and other appropriate projects.

How to Use Anaheim’s Green Building Program
  1. Select a Rating Program: Take a look at our Incentives At-A-Glance charts and select the appropriate level of LEED certification or number of housing units.
  2. Reserve your Rebate: Please contact the Green Building Program Manager to reserve your rebate.
  3. Build Your Project: With your chosen rating program and its requirements in hand, you can start designing your dream project. While you are putting the final touches on construction, you can start applying for the many energy and water incentives available. This will help boost your bottom line, reduce payback time on your investment and lower operating costs.
  4. Get Certified: We will require a copy of the final certification by an appropriate organization, such as the US Green Building Council.
  5. Apply for your Rebate: Apply for the certification incentives by contacting Green Building Program Manager . That means additional cost savings coming your way, making your project even more successful. In addition, we will reimburse you up to $50k for initial plan check fees.

Need more information or assistance?

Our help isn’t limited to financial incentives. We’re also here to help you find expert advice on technical issues related to green building and to help you with questions about the City of Anaheim. Please contact us whenever we can help by emailing  Green Building Program Manager  or calling 714-765-4184.