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The Undergrounding Conversion project is one of Anaheim Public Utilities' most popular long-term programs.

When most of Anaheim’s older neighborhoods were built, overhead electrical construction was the standard method used to build the lines that carried power to our substations, neighborhoods, industrial centers, homes, and businesses... FIND OUT MORE


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Anaheim Solar Energy Plant

The 2.4 MegaWatt Anaheim Solar Energy Project is the single largest city-owned photovoltaic sytem installation on a convention center in North America. The clean energy produced by the Anaheim Solar Energy Project will contribute to Anaheim Public Utilities’ overall energy portfolio. The energy produced will help assist the Anaheim electricity grid during peak season when the demand for energy is greatest


See energy being produce real time.

Anaheim Solar Energy Plant Dedication October 7, 2014



Canyon Power Plant

The Canyon Power Project is a 200MW power-generating facility that was completed in the fall of 2011.  It provides electricity to meet Anaheim's peak demands during hot summer months, enhance electric system reliability and reduce our reliance on out-of-state power resources.

Canyon Power Plant Information  See Dedication images 

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April 15, 2008 Canyon Power Project Fact Sheet

Park Substation

Park Substation is unique in that it shares a site with Roosevelt Park, making it the first electric
substation in the United States that is built below ground and topped off with a park. Located in
east Anaheim, it is Anaheim Public Utilities’ 11th distribution substation and has the
capacity to serve 25,000 residential customers.

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