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The Bike Team


The Bike Team combines high visibility patrol and close community contact, with the ability to stealthily approach criminal violators without notice. The Team engages heavily in proactive enforcement, arresting numerous narcotic violators and repeat offenders who are on Parole or Probation. Due to their versatility and specialized training, Bike Officers are capable of riding through heavy pedestrian traffic as well as vehicular traffic to respond to calls. The Team patrols the entire city during the night and day throughout the year.

Citizens find officers on bicycles more approachable than officers in police cars. Curiosity is still high regarding the unit and its equipment, both from tourists and residents, despite the Team's existence since 1991.

The Bike Team is utilized for special events in the resort area, at local music and sporting venues, as well as conducting Patrol functions. The Bike Team has the time and flexibility to focus on solving problems in high crime areas, and is helping to improve the quality of life in Anaheim into the Twenty-first Century.