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The K-9 Detail

The Anaheim Police Department Canine Detail was established in 1981 with three police service dogs. Over the years, the police department has expanded the Canine Detail to its current strength of six (6) patrol dogs.  Most of the patrol dogs are cross-trained to detect narcotics.  Since its development, our canine program has become one of the most respected in Southern California .

The current Canine Detail is comprised of one (1) Lieutenant, two (2) Sergeants, and six (6) Police Officers (Handlers) partnered with their police service dogs.  Our Canine Teams are on-duty or on call 24hrs a day, seven days a week and operate throughout the City of Anaheim.   The teams also assist other police departments throughout Orange County

We currently use German Shepherds imported from Europe for our patrol dogs.  As stated above, most of the dogs are cross-trained for both patrol apprehension and narcotics detection.  A police service dog’s primary purpose is to “locate,” whether it’s a dangerous criminal hiding in a neighborhood or illegal narcotics being concealed in a vehicle or building. Without their heightened senses, our jobs would be much more difficult.

Some of the duties of a police service dog team are:

• Searching for dangerous criminals hiding in Urban & Rural areas
• Searching for concealed narcotics and contraband
• Patrolling high crime areas to deter criminal activity
• Assisting other law enforcement agencies throughout the county
• Supporting other specialized units of the Anaheim Police Department
• Deploying with the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team
• Serving the community by participating in public relations demonstrations