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The Personnel Detail

1The personnel detail of the Anaheim Police Department is charged with the responsibility of overseeing and controlling all aspects of the personnel processing system, including the recruiting, conducting background investigations and processing of applicants who are seeking to be employed by the Department. The detail acts as a liaison between the City of Anaheim Human Resources Department and the Police Department.

Under the direction of the Deputy Chief, and a part of the Bureau of Professional Standards, the detail consists of a Lieutenant, a Personnel Sergeant, Four Background Investigators, and a Polygraph examiner who are all sworn officers. The detail also has a Reserve Police Officer who does Background Investigations and an Officer who maintains the web page for the Police Department. There are also civilian staff members who work alongside the Officers in the detail to screen and hire the most qualified candidates for the many positions of employment with the Anaheim Police department.

The Anaheim Police Polygraph Examiner conducts hundreds of polygraph (or lie detector) examinations each year. In addition to pre-employment exams, the examiner also assists in criminal investigations, and assists other Orange County Agencies with their investigations.

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