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Street Narcotics Unit
Street Narcotic Unit
Search Warrant Entry Team


The Street Narcotics Unit is charged with investigating the sales and manufacture of controlled substances. The unit operates in a variety of modes most notably undercover investigations.

Information about narcotics activity often comes from private citizens concerned about the quality of life in their communities. In order to assist investigators the following information, if possible, should be included when reporting narcotics activity.

  • Address where the activity is occurring
  • Names and ages of suspects. If you do not know the name then a detailed description including sex, age, race, height and weight.
  • Vehicle Description- Including the year, make, model, color and license number
  • Day of the week and time the activity is occurring.
  • Type of drug being sold.

You may report narcotics activity online or by calling our Street Narcotics Hotline.

How to contact the Street Narcotic Unit

Street Narcotic Information Line (714) 765-1490

Send a Narcotics Tip to the Street Narcotic Unit

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