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The Anaheim Religious Community Council

The Anaheim Religious Community Council (ARCC) is composed of ministers and lay leaders that represent religious organizations throughout Anaheim. All Anaheim churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and faith-based organizations are welcome to participate in this inter-faith effort to create a kinder, stronger and healthier community.

The Anaheim religious community has been recognized as playing an important role in contributing to a safer and healthier community. From its inception in 1993, as a suggestion of the Gang-Drug Task Force, ARCC has provided a communication channel for religious leaders to share their individual efforts in addressing youth development challenges. An early objective for ARCC was to establish Youth/Family Activity Centers throughout Anaheim. Many church facilities are being used for sports events to learning centers. ARCC's mission is to provide a forum where religious leaders can voice their concern about community needs in Anaheim, plan strategies for addressing those needs and work together as individuals or with the help of their entire congregations to meet those needs.

By hosting regular meetings of ARCC and encouraging cooperative strategies, the City of Anaheim hopes to promote the most effective use of our community-wide resources. People helping people – ministering to the needs of the community. This is what ARCC helps to accomplish in Anaheim.

For more information on ARCC activities and how you can get involved please contact Anaheim Sporn at (714) 765-5235 or by e-mail at asporn@anaheim.net