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Anaheim Community Foundation

Help the Anaheim Community Foundation help others in the city.

Your donation ensures worthwhile programs continue for arts, culture, youth, seniors, libraries, nature and emergency assistance. Look for information on the Helping Hands program in your utility bill. Your participation will make a difference in your community!

For information on making a donation call the Anaheim Community Foundation at 765-4419.

The Foundation offers grant funding to organizations which serve Anaheim residents through its Helping Hands Grant process.  As a general rule, priority for allocation of funds will be given to provide seed money to initiate new and innovative programs that have the potential of making a positive impact upon the Anaheim community.  Please consult the funding guidelines and grant application for more information.  The grant application and funding guidelines are in Microsoft Word format and can be downloaded to your computer for use in submitting your organization's grant application.

Anaheim Community Foundation