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Business Efficiency Incentives

Commercial Solar Energy Program -- Efficiency-minded and environmentally conscious Anaheim businesses looking to put the energy of the sun to work for their company can take advantage of incentives designed to offset the cost of installing clean, quiet solar electric generating systems.

Comprehensive Energy Audit --  We will conduct an on-site audit and analysis of your facility's energy and water use. Specific recommendations will be made to improve the energy and water-efficiency of your operations.

Customized Energy Incentives -- Provides customized incentives for the installation of a variety of different types of energy-efficient equipment that otherwise would be unrecognized by other city rebate and incentive programs. Rebates are based on kW demand reduced or kWh energy saved depending on the energy measure implemented.

Dusk to Dawn Lighting -- Free outdoor high pressure sodium lights with photosensors.

Economic Development/Business Retention Incentive Rate -- Relocating, expanding or starting a business in Anaheim? You may qualify for an economic development/business retention rate incentive. Qualifying customers can receive a 15 percent discount in the first year. Requires customers to implement cost-effective energy-efficiency measures.

Efficient Exit Sign Program -- Provides as much as 50%, of the cost to retrofit exit signs with new energy options that use 3% of the energy used by conventional exit signs. Subject to program limits.

Green Buildings and Anaheim's Green Connection -- A comprehensive program, which includes a set of guiding principles that encompass environmental soundness and sustainability to give residents and businesses value, functionality and quality living and working environments. We invite and encourage developers to participate in Anaheim's phenomenal growth - to be partners in creating our community's future - and offer a broad range of incentives to encourage participation.

Green Power -- Learn more about how you, as a business customer of Anaheim Public Utilities, are able to help expand Green Power electric resources.  With Green Power, you can help bring renewable generated electric resources to our community.

Heat Pump Incentives -- Rebates for the replacement of existing HVAC equipment with energy-efficient heat pumps. Rebate amount is based on the efficiency rating and size of the heat pump.

Lighting Incentives -- Provides incentives for general lighting retrofits. Rebates are based on kWh savings or peak kW demand reduced.

Low-Interest Energy Efficiency Loan  -- Anaheim businesses can obtain low-interest loans with no application fees or points to help pay for energy-efficient measures, through the State Assistance Fund for Enterprise, Business and Industrial Development Corporation (SAFE-BIDCO).

New Construction Incentives -- Provides rebates for new construction and facility expansions that implement pre-qualified energy measures. Rebate amounts are based on savings per kW reduced. 

Small Business Energy Management Assistance -- Targets Anaheim small businesses with electric demand of less than 50 kW, offering turnkey energy efficiency surveys, generous retrofit funding, and installation assistance.

SmarTimer -- Provides rebates to help water customers pay for installation of "smart" irrigation timer/controllers which  fully automate landscape watering based on weather and the actual water needs of your plants.

TreePower Commercial Program -- The free shade trees and the arboricultural expertise we offer to qualifying commercial offices, mini-malls, hotels, motels and retail locations can help you reduce air conditioning use by 10% to 40%.

Save Water - Save A Buck -- Offers a range of incentives to commercial and industrial customers who replace existing fixtures and equipment with water-efficient alternatives.

For more information on a specific Business Savings program, e-mail us or call us at 714/765-4259.