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Public Utilities 2010 Press Releases
          Public Utilities News Archive  -  2009 - 1998

CNN Money interview regarding Raser Geothermal Project  -  "Geothermal goes full steam ahead ..." 
generating clean renewable electric energy for Anaheim homes and businesses

Water Conservation Corner   Saving Water ... A Better Way of Life  Do your part to help us save water every day.

CRISIS ON TAP  California's Water Reckoning - An in depth Special Report on the worsening water supply situation in our state and the potential impacts on agriculture, business and homeowners. Researched and published by The Press-Enterprise and PE.com..

Annual Report - 2009 Audited Financial Statements - in PDF format

Current Bill Insert - in PDF format

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Now Playing -  streaming or downloadable videos
Public Utilities Board Meeting Agenda  -  Meetings are scheduled for the 4th Wednesday of each month.

Reliable Electric Service - Anaheim Public Utilities is among the most reliable utilities in the nation.

Renewable Portfolio Report  How clean renewable energy plays a role in Anaheim's power resource mix

Renewable Energy Tour  Summary of clean renewable resources for Anaheim's future

Sustainable Accomplishments - Summary of a decade of energy and water efficiency accomplishments in partnership with
                                                             our customers while improving our environment.  

Underground Conversion  -  History, present and future told with video and information

Water Quality - Facts and important information about the quality of Anaheim's water

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