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Reroof Self-Certification (Pilot) Program

Effective October 1, 2008

The City of Anaheim has implemented a six month pilot program beginning October 1, 2008 for the Self-Certification of reroof projects on single family residences.  Only a licensed contractor may participate in this program.


Informational Powerpoint Presentation - Roofing Requirements


The following sets forth the procedure and qualifications necessary to participate in this program. This program shall only apply to single family residential projects that do not require engineering calculations.



1.     The Contractor must fill out a building permit application, indicating that he/she is requesting to participate in the Reroof Self-Certification (pilot) program.

2.     If the Contractor successfully meets the Self-Certification requirements, he/she must complete the Contractor Declaration Form and obtain the signature of the property owner verifying concurrence. This document will be kept on file with the Building Division.

3.     A permit is issued along with a copy of the Roofing Self-Certification Inspection Form. Permit fees will be collected at this time based on the current fee schedule available online at http://www.anaheim.net/article.asp?id=1296.

4.     The Contractor performs the reroofing work, inspects work for code compliance and documents the progress throughout the duration of the project.

5.     Upon completion and inspection of all reroofing work by the roofing contractor, the City of Anaheim Reroof Self-Certification Inspection Form must be completed, signed and faxed (714) 765-4607 or delivered to the City of Anaheim Building Division, 200 S. Anaheim Blvd. #145 Anaheim, CA 92805 in order to final the permit.

6.     Upon permit final, a rebate will be awarded within 10 working days. The rebate amount will be the difference of current permit fees collected at time of permit issuance and Self-Certification permit fee as applicable.  The self-certification fee for reroofs without calculations = $102.55. 



The 2007 California Building Code, Chapter 15, as adopted in Title 15 of the Anaheim Municipal Code (AMC), establishes the requirements for reroofing work.  The intent of this program is to:


o    Facilitate the roofing contractor’s schedule by allowing for self-certification of reroofing work.

o    Ensure that existing roof structures will not be overloaded when new material is applied.

o    Ensure that new substrate material (roof sheathing) is installed in accordance with the 2007 California Building Code requirements.

o    Ensure that the roof covering materials are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation requirements and Chapter 15 of the 2007 California Building Code as adopted in Title 15 of the Anaheim Municipal Code.



Section of the AMC as adopted in Title 15 states:


“The Building Official shall make all of the required inspections, or the Building Official shall have the authority to accept reports of inspection by approved agencies or individuals. Reports of such inspections shall be in writing and be certified by a responsible officer of such approved agency or the responsible individual.” (See attached City of Anaheim Reroof Self-Certification Inspection Form)


Qualifying Criteria to Self-Certify

In order to qualify for the re-roof certification (pilot) program, a Contractor must provide the following information:


·         The Contractor shall acknowledge in writing that he/she holds an active C-39 (Roofing) contractor’s license in the State of California.

·         The Contractor shall acknowledge in writing that he/she has reviewed and understands the requirements of 2007 California Building Code Sections 2308.10.8 (roof sheathing), Table 2304.9.1 (sheathing nailing), Chapter 15 (roof assemblies) as adopted in Title 15 of the Anaheim Municipal Code and that all self-certification reports will be based on the code requirements contained therein.

·         The Contractor shall certify that the work performed on each specific project for which self-certification is utilized will be in compliance with the code requirements set forth above by completing the City of Anaheim Reroof Self-Certification Inspection Form.