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District Map
District Policing

In order to best serve our community, the Anaheim Police Department divides the city into four districts: West, Central, South and East. Based on where you live or work in the city, you have representatives assigned to assist you. As an example, if you are experiencing long-term problems in your neighborhood, your Crime Prevention Specialist can assist in working with you to remedy the issue.

This map is provided to assist you in finding out which district you live in.

Please click on the map to download.
Crime Prevention Specialist



Nancy Loewe


(714) 765-1659

 EAST AND SOUTH DISTRICTS (Blue Zone & Brown Zone)

Arleen Harris


(714) 765-3814  


WEST DISTRICT (Green Zone)  

David Gonzalez (EspaƱol) 


(714) 765-7962