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Frequently Asked Questions
01. Q: Why doesn’t the City top the trees so they remain small?

City ordinance prohibits tree topping due to the many negative effects resulting from this practice. Topped trees will actually need to be trimmed more frequently and forces the aggressive growth of “suckers” that originate from the point of each cut. This growth quickly fills the crown of the tree which causes the need for increased pruning frequency, resulting in higher maintenance costs. The formation of a dense crown that will make the tree prone to blowing over in heavy winds, and the tree will develop weak and dangerous branch attachments that are prone to breakage.

02. Q: Can I trim the parkway tree in front of my home?

Yes, with certain provisions. Residents who want their parkway trees trimmed privately or with a greater frequency than provided by the City must get a permit through the Public Works Operations Division. The tree must be pruned to ISA standards and the cost of pruning is the responsibility of the resident. The property owner may be held liable for any damages inflicted on the tree. In no case should a parkway tree be trimmed without a permit.

03. Q: Can I plant my own street tree?

Yes. Residents may plant trees in parkways at their own expense through a permit issued by the Public Works Operations Division. The tree species and exact location must be approved prior to installation and residents must follow City guidelines when planting the tree. For more information on Resident Plantings please call 765-6860.

04. Q: I’ve had problems with roots breaking up my sidewalk in the past. Why plant again?

In the past, developers built homes without considering which tree was the most appropriate. As a result, some trees grew much bigger than the parkway where they were planted. Planning and planting a tree is now dependent on parkway size, soil and neighborhood conditions. Additionally, trees are also now planted with root barriers.

05. Q: Who maintains and prunes my trees, other than making sure they are watered?

The Department of Public Works contracts with West Coast Arborist to maintain public property trees. When new trees are planted in City parkways, residents are encouraged to water the trees to aid in their establishment. Literature on the care of young trees is provided to residents who receive a new tree in their parkway.

06. Q: What if I want a tree removed?

So that Anaheim does not lose its tree population faster than it can replant new ones, a City ordinance does not allow trees to be removed simply for the sake of removing them. A City tree must be inspected and analyzed by a City inspector before it can be a candidate for removal because it is either dangerous, diseased without remedy, or is contributing to a hazardous condition. We place a high value on larger trees, so damage to sidewalks and curbs are routinely repaired in lieu of removing established trees.

07. Q: What happens if tree roots damage my sewer or water line?

When tree roots invade sewer lateral lines, the vast majority of the time, the roots enter through the clay pipes that leak water and attract root growth. A common misconception is that roots will actively seek out sewer pipe in their search for moisture and then damage the pipe, which is almost never the case. The homeowner is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the sewer lateral line from the residence to the sewer main located in the street.

08. Q: Whom do I call for tree-related problems?

If you have concerns about a street tree, or would like to report a hazardous condition, please call the Public Works Operations office at 765-6860. City staff is available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. to answer questions. After hours, residents will be referred to a 24-hour emergency line so an immediate response to a tree-related emergency can be coordinated.

09. Q: Who clears branches from around my power lines?

The Department of Public Works maintains clearance around all electrical lines in Anaheim. In cases where City tree trimming crews need to enter private yards, every attempt is made to contact the owner of the property in advance. Only the portion of the tree directly adjacent to the power lines will be trimmed when performing power line clearance on private property trees.