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Nohl Canyon Water Storage Tank
Helping Meet the Community's Water Needs

NCT Newsletter - Construction is underway at the Nohl Canyon Water Storage Tank project site as the contractor begins demolition of the existing facilities reservoir facilities. For more information check out our Construction Update Newsletter.                     
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Project Summary (Video)- Anaheim Public Utilities continually works with local and regional water agencies to make sure that we all have reliable water supplies today and for future generations. The Nohl Canyon Water Storage Tank - a planned 10-million gallon, above-ground, drinking water storage tank to be constructed on the site of the existing Olive Hills Reservoir - is one critically important project that will improve water quality and service reliability to the community.

The Nohl Canyon Water Storage Tank will help meet customer demand for water, particularly during the typically hot, dry, high-demand summer months. It also will provide emergency storage to help supply water during short-term service interruptions from Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, meet the high water flows required to fight fires and deliver water by gravity flow to a wide area in the event of power outages.

When we started planning for this project, we committed to providing customers and project neighbors with access to current, accurate information about the project as it progresses through planning, design, final approvals, construction and initial operation. We invite you to return to these pages frequently for the latest in accurate, project information.

NCT Overview - This two-page fact sheet will give you a brief overview of the project, helping to explain why the project is needed and how we believe it will benefit the community at large as well as our neighbors around the site.

NCT FAQs - Looking for answers? You will find up to date answers to most of your questions about the project on the pages of this PDF, including questions raised during community outreach meetings that have been part of the development of this project. The document focuses on the benefits of the 10-million gallon tank project proposed for the site and how this option addresses a wide range of previous community questions and concerns. This update is effective 9/10/2007 and will continue to be updated as new information becomes available. More ...

NCT Renderings - Our renderings are intended to help you visualize how the site is going to look based on planning and your input. Project renderings, of course, are subject to change.

      NEW Landscape Design - A landscape design committee, made up of interested project neighbors, the project's landscape
      architect and project managers has been meeting to discuss design preferences and options. The results of their labors are
      reflected in the following NEW planting concept design rendering and plant material listing.
Planting Concept - Design Plan - A conceptual rendering of how the fully landscaped site will look.
Planting Concept - Materials - A listing - with photographs - of the planting materials being considered.
      Comparative Views - How the site looks today compared with an initial proposed view of how the Nohl Canyon Tank
      Project may look when completed: New views are forthcoming that will reflect the new Planting Concept Design.
      View No. 1 - This view is from the upper rim of the property looking across the site toward the southeast.
      View No. 2 - From the upper rim of the property, this view is looking northwesterly across the site.

Environmental Documents

Notice of Availability - More ...

The Draft EIR, along with the Responses to Comments, Mitigation Monitoring Plan, Findings of Fact and the Greenhouse Gas Clarification became the Final EIR upon City Council certification that these documents meet the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act. They were certified by City Council action at their meeting of April 22, 2008. To view these documents, you may click on the links below:
Draft EIR
     Final EIR Responses to Comments
     Mitigation Monitoring Plan
     Findings of Fact
     Greenhouse Gas Clarification

The Notice of Determination was posted at the Orange County Clerk-Recorder's office on April 24, 2008.

Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report and Initial Study -
The Notice of Preparation (NOP) and Initial Study (IS) were completed pursuant to Section 15082 of the California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines, as amended (2007). The NOP and IS provide a preliminary evaluation of the proposed project based on the limited technical information available at the time. As indicated in the NOP/IS, preliminary analysis of the project’s potential environmental impacts identify that an environmental impact report (EIR) is the appropriate form of environmental documentation. The NOP and IS were open for public review and comment from June 13, 2007 to July 10, 2007 to help define the scope and content of the Draft EIR. The Draft EIR, when it becomes available for public review, will provide an in-depth analysis of the project based on additional technical information and comments received on NOP/IS.
Link to NOP and IS in PDF format (2.5 MB)

NCT Project Contact

If you are not finding answers to your specific questions about Nohl Canyon Water Storage Tank, you may contact our project manager directly:
                                            Bill Moorhead