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Fire Department Finance Section
Finance Division
Jason McBride, Senior Administrative Analyst

The Finance Section of the Anaheim Fire Department provides financial services that support the operating functions of the department. The Finance Section is composed of a Senior Administrative Analyst who oversees the financial assets and obligations of the department, performs business analyses, and provides project management as well as a Senior Office Specialist who primarily handles the department’s payroll consisting of approximately 280 personnel.
The primary goal of the Finance Section is to ensure that public resources provided for fire safety are properly accounted for and managed in the most effective manner. This is accomplished by working with operations and support personnel as a team to ensure that public funds are utilized in a manner that provides reliable equipment and highly trained personnel to respond to emergencies in a timely manner. This also includes preparing an accurate budget, monitoring budget performance on an ongoing basis, identifying unanticipated trends and potential problem areas, and working to manage the budget to meet the needs of the department within the parameters set by elected officials.
The Finance Section also conducts various business analyses and research to identify best practices and areas for improvement. Finance personnel collaborate with other departments throughout the City to improve financial operations, identify opportunities to more effectively manage public resources, and proactively tackle issues that threaten the sustainability of necessary fire resources. Finance personnel are also called upon to manage large projects that occasionally reach beyond the borders of the City to improve the services provided to Anaheim City residents, business owners, and visitors.