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Economic Assistance Agreements for GardenWalk Hotels
Hotel Economic Assistance Agreements

Anaheim's leadership in the tourism industry benefits the City and all of its residents. Throughout Orange County, tourism supports more than 150,000 local, permanent jobs and more than $8 billion in local economic activity – both of which continue to increase. Annually, Anaheim collects $45 million in net revenues from various tourism-related taxes for the City's General Fund – that fund 100 police officers and five fire companies citywide, all City parks and libraries and the power generation costs for more than 19,000 street lights. This funding, along with the job creation and economic development, continues to make Anaheim a great place to live, work and play. On Tuesday, May 14 the Anaheim City Council will consider whether or not to approve an economic assistance agreement with the developer of two high-end hotels, called the GardenWalk Hotels. This web page was created for the community to learn more about this item.