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Citizens Advisory Committee Members

Citizen Advisory Committee on Elections and Community Involvement

The City Council established a Citizens Advisory Committee on August 8, 2012 to promote the full participation of all residents, neighborhoods, community groups and ethnic groups in studying the City’s electoral system. The Committee will provide advice to the City Council on promoting the full participation of all voters in city elections, among other things, by May 31, 2013. (Resolution No. 2012-090).

The Committee consists of eleven (11) members. The members of the City Council each appointed two (2) members to the Committee and the City Manager, or his appointee serve as the eleventh member, in an ex-officio capacity. You may contact the committee at cacelections@anaheim.net.

1 Amanda Edinger Council Member Kring and Council Member Brandman 92804
2 Anthony Armas Council Member Eastman 92805
3 Bill Dalati Mayor Tait 92801
4 Sandy Day Council Member Murray 92808
5 Keith Olesen Council Member Murray 92805
6 Larry Larsen Council Member Galloway 92807
7 Martin Lopez Council Member Galloway 92802
8 Gloria Ma'ae Council Member Eastman 92801
9 Vivian Pham Mayor Tait 92805
10 Vic Real Mayor Pro Tem Sidhu 92801

Click here for a list of all applicants.