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Angels Baseball

The City of Anaheim values its long standing relationship, which spans more than 47 years, with the Angels Baseball organization. We believe their presence brings significant economic and community benefits to our region. And for those reasons, the Anaheim City Council has decided to begin discussions with the Angels to keep them playing baseball in Anaheim for years to come. It is important to note that the negotiation process has just started and that nothing has been finalized. At the conclusion of the negotiations, any proposed lease agreement(s) will have to be presented to the City Council for discussion, public input, and potential approval.
The following information helps to address key information on City Council actions and next steps.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What action has the City Council taken with regard to the Angel Stadium of Anaheim Lease Agreement?

    On Tuesday, September 3, 2013, the Anaheim City Council approved two proposed items related to Angels Baseball:

    1. Extend the opt out period of the current non-binding lease Agreement with Angels Baseball. The amended lease Agreement extends the team's opt-out date from October 2016 to October 2019. This means that if the team decides to leave Anaheim, they now have until 2019 to notify the City of its intentions; and
    2. Set a general framework for negotiations with Angels Baseball on a new lease agreement. This framework includes, but is not limited to the discussion of future stadium improvements and development opportunities for the property immediately surrounding the stadium.

    The general framework that the City Council approved is non-binding and therefore does not commit or obligate either the City or the Angels to any of the outlined terms. Their actions on September 3 were solely to extend the opt out agreement between the City of Anaheim and Angels Baseball so we can begin negotiations, and possibly propose a new lease agreement for public input and City Council approval.

  • Is there really a possibility that the Angels Baseball could relocate?

    The Angels Baseball share the operating territory of Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Additionally, the current media agreement for Angels Baseball does not further limit its operating territory, as long as the Angels Baseball remain within the Orange County/Los Angeles area.

    It takes approximately 16 acres of land to accommodate a modern baseball stadium (plus associated game-day parking). So it is reasonable to assume that there are a number of potential sites outside of Anaheim that fall within Angels' operating territory.

  • I understand the City is considering giving a large piece of land for the Angels to develop. Is this true?

    As mentioned above, one of the two items that the City Council approved was a general framework which will be used for negotiations. One of the items proposed in the framework is to discuss stadium improvements and development opportunities surrounding the stadium. The City currently owns the land around Angel Stadium of Anaheim. One of the ideas outlined in the framework is to allow Angels Baseball to develop the land around the stadium in an effort to bring economic benefit to the team and the City of Anaheim. While this is an option and a topic of negotiation, nothing has been finalized. City staff intends to explore and pursue all economic benefits (direct, indirect and intangible) to the City as part of the negotiations.

  • What are the next steps?

    • The City and the Angels will begin to work together on negotiating the terms of a new lease agreement that would seek to keep the Angels playing baseball in Anaheim for years to come.
    • At the conclusion of these negotiations, any proposed lease agreement(s) will have to be presented to the City Council for discussion, public input, and potential approval.
  • How can I ensure that my feedback is heard?

    Your feedback is important and will be used to help the City identify additional issues that residents, businesses, and fans believe should be addressed in the negotiation process.

    If you would like to submit comments, suggestions, or any other input, you can:
    Email us at: baseball@anaheim.net or
    Call us at: (714) 765-5000

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