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Protect yourself from fraud.

Protect yourself from fraud. - Customers are being cautioned regarding a recent scam involving individuals posing as Anaheim Public Utilities employees threatening to interrupt the electric and/or water services, and demanding payments on accounts over the phone. Please do not provide personal financial information to these unsolicited phone calls.

December 21, 2013; our staff received a number of inquiries from customers about fraudulent calls regarding the installation of utility equipment at their home in exchange for immediate payment with an untraceable "Green Dot Money Pak" card.
Please note that Anaheim Public Utilities is not making these phone calls (even though your caller ID may incorrectly display our phone number), and know that we would never demand payment for the installation of our equipment, nor do we accept Green Dot Money Pak cards as payment.
If you receive a suspicious call such as this one, please contact us right away at
714.765.3300. We encourage you to share this information with your friends, family, and others.

Anaheim Public Utilities customers have recently been experiencing a number of fraud calls and visits. Your safety and security is our priority, and we encourage customers to contact us immediately at 714.765.3300 if you suspect fraudulent activity.

Fraud calls for unpaid bills:
• Customers are instructed to purchase a prepaid card—called a Green Dot Money Pak—in order to avoid disconnection of their water and/or electric service.
• They are then instructed to call the impersonator back at a telephone number different from the customer service number listed on the back of their utility bill.
• Utility impersonators may use what’s called “spoofing software” which allows them to falsely display our name and phone number on your caller ID.

Anaheim Public Utilities payment practices
• Anaheim representatives will never make unsolicited calls to customers asking for payment information over the phone, nor will our staff visit your home to solicit payment. Customers can pay their utility bills one of the following ways:
     • By mail to Anaheim Public Utilities, P.O. Box 3222, Anaheim, CA 92803-3222
     • In-person at Anaheim West Tower, 201 S. Anaheim Blvd., First Floor, Anaheim
       (There is only one authorized location to make payments)
     • Through our automated phone system by calling 714.765.3300
     • Securely online at www.anaheim.net/utilities
• Know that Anaheim Public Utilities will mail at least one past-due notice and one disconnection notice before terminating your service.

Program enrollment solicitation:
• Anaheim Public Utilities has many incentive programs for income-qualified, residential, and business customers—visit anaheim.net/utilities
• There have been reports of impersonators soliciting Anaheim residents and business customers—both in person and via phone—to enroll them into our programs, or claiming that they are pre-approved or pre-qualified vendors of ours
• Be aware that we will NEVER visit residential customers at their homes to enroll customers in any type of low-income or residential program
• Also note that these contractors will always have proper Anaheim-issued identification, however if you would like to verify our representative’s identity, call 714.765.3300

• Be cautious about the personal information you share via email or the Internet
• Make sure to shred all bills you are throwing in the trash
• Never purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak to pay your utility bills
• Anaheim Public Utilities only accepts cash, check, credit card (Visa or MasterCard), money order, or payment via checking account
• If you receive a cancellation notification (especially by phone), always verify it by dialing the customer service number on your utility bill

Anaheim Public Utilities is working closely with the Anaheim Police Department on this matter, and we encourage all customers to contact us immediately at 714.765.3300.