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The Anaheim City Council has approved an ordinance to restrict landscape watering to two days per week, in an effort to reduce daily water use during the ongoing drought. The ordinance will help Anaheim achieve its required water reduction target of 20% set by the State Water Control Resources Board. Learn more





Power Outage Safety
If you are outside and power is interrupted (or lost), remember to exercise extreme caution around any downed power lines. Never touch or approach the wires or utility pole – report any down wires immediately to emergency personnel. If you do come across downed power lines, make sure to follow these steps:

1. Stay inside until help arrives.
2. Do not grab or lean against vehicles, poles or other objects in the vicinity of the power lines.
3. Take small shuffle steps away from the area with your feet and legs close together.
4. Do not touch anyone or any other object until you are well away from the scene. For more information

Anaheim Public Utilities does not endorse or pre-approve any solar contractors or their qualifications for the solar rebate program; any such representation by a solar contractor is FALSE. It is important for every customer considering a solar contractor to thoroughly investigate that contractor's credentials.

Mylar balloons can cause serious problems when they come into contact with power lines. Keep them weighted down and dispose of them properly after they deflate! PSA - QuickTime (15 MB)

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Say NO to fraudAnaheim’s drinking water is safe to drink and its quality exceeds all federal, state and local standards. However, independent contractors have been making inaccurate and misleading statements about the quality of the City of Anaheim’s tap water. Anaheim conducts tests weekly throughout the city and is legally obligated by the California Department of Public Health to officially notify customers if conditions were to warrant a concern.  To learn more about Anaheim’s water quality, learn more...

Protect yourself from fraud. - Customers are being cautioned regarding a recent scam involving individuals posing as Anaheim Public Utilities employees threatening to interrupt the electric and/or water services, and demanding payments on accounts over the phone. Please do not provide personal financial information to these unsolicited phone call, learn more...