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Water Rebates & Incentives

Home Utility Check-Up
This comprehensive check-up evaluates all water-related items in your house.  We review your home water use and fixtures and provide recommendations on specific water efficiency improvements.  We will also identify the improvements that qualify for rebates and will assist you with the application process.  This check-up also incorporates energy efficiency as we assess the energy use of appliances in your home.  Schedule your check-up today

SmarTimer / Weather-Based Irrigation Controller (WBIC)*
Schedule your irrigation system according to weather conditions and landscape types; yielding water savings in the thousands of gallons per year! Rebate: $80/controller for areas less than 1 acre; $25/controller station for areas greater or equal to 1 acre.
Apply here

Sprinkler Nozzles*
Conventional sprinkler heads fail to irrigate efficiently and often direct water flow to unintended targets like paved surfaces.  Make the switch to more precise efficient sprinklers to help reduce landscape runoff and water waste. (Rebate: $4/nozzle; minimum quantity is 15). Apply here

Rain Barrel*
Rain barrels capture rainfall and reuse it to water your plants.  When these devices are connected to roof downspouts, large volumes of water can be captured.  The City of Anaheim offers enticing rebates for rain barrels. (Rebate: $75 per barrel; must be 50-gallons or larger). Apply here

*All purchased product(s) eligible for rebate must be qualified on SoCalWaterSmart