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Chief's Neighborhood Advisory Council
Mission Statement

As dedicated Anaheim residents, we the members of the Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council commit to working with our Police Chief and our police partners to improve conditions in our neighborhoods throughout our City. Through open dialogue and interaction with our Police Department and our neighbors, we will identify strategies and methods to reduce crime, improve living conditions and strengthen the relationship between the police and our community.


Christopher Galindo
Neighborhood: ABC

My name is Christopher Galindo and I have been living in Anaheim for four years and during that time have been an influential member of the Anaheim crime prevention program in the ABC neighborhood. I am involved in CNAC because when I aheim four year years ago; there were many transients and gang members in my neighborhood. When I first moved into my neighborhood, I remember in my first month there…I had just moved into my apartment and a man had been shot and passed in my arms. I will never forget that night and since then I have played an integral role in turning my neighborhood from an ‘F’ grade to a ‘B’ grade. I have educated many owners on how to screen tenants and increase the value of their property. I enjoy seeing my community improve and become a better place.

Jack Baligad
Neighborhood: Chain/Gain/Transit

My name is Jack Baligad and I was born and raised in Anaheim and have lived here for 47 years. I went to high school in Anaheim and served in the US Navy and enjoy spending my Sundays at Magnolia Baptist Church in Anaheim. I love fishing and watching movies with my wife who I grew up within five miles of, but never met until twenty years ago. I am currently an air compressor service technician and I love to work! I enjoy volunteering at Anaheim SERT, Anaheim RACES and Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council because I love being able to go out and help others in my community. Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council allows me to have input in my community which is so important to me because being involved in the community is the right thing to do. One thing I have learned about APD is that they truly care about the community they serve!

Peggy Kruse
Neighborhood: Ariel/Olinda

My name is Peggy Kruse and I have been a resident of Anaheim since 1998. I am a full time volunteer at Danbrook Elementary, chair person of Danbrook school site council, President of the GRIP Greeter Program, and have held several positions on the Danbrook PTA Executive Board and committees. I enjoy being a Kindergarten Sunday school teacher at Knott Avenue Christian church. I am thrilled to be on the Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council because I can help empower my neighbors with essential knowledge to create a safe and friendly environment in which people would like to visit and live.

Pam Voelker
Neighborhood: Glencrest/Chippewa

My name is Pam Voelker and I have been a resident of Anaheim for 30 years. I am currently the administrator for a homeowners association. I possess an Associate’s degree as an administrative assistant from LDS Business College and am also a certified manager of Community Associations (CMCA). In addition, I have been through the City of Anaheim CERT Training. I enjoy walking in my neighborhood and doing activities with family and friends. I like being able to represent my neighborhood in order to bring issues to the Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council. One of my favorite parts of Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council is being able to hear what is happening in other areas. I believe if everyone does something to help make a better community it will go a long way towards making a big difference in our community. I feel responsible to do what I can to help make our neighborhood and community better. I have learned that the Anaheim Police Department has a strong desire to get input from the community and love meeting the wonderful officers who are so dedicated to serving our community and willing to put their lives on the line.

Maurice Turner
Neighborhood: Avon/Dakota

My name is Maurice Turner and I have been an active homeowner in downtown Anaheim since 2006. I was raised in Orange County and attended California State University, Fullerton and USC, and I currently work for the City of Newport Beach. I take pride in being a part of the initiative to revitalize the downtown area. I do so by volunteering at community events, supporting local businesses, and serving on the Community Center Authority, Homeowners Association board, and Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council. My favorite part about living in Anaheim is meeting my neighbors and being able to enjoy my community.

Veronica Rodarte
Neighborhood: Benmore/Canfield

My name is Veronica Rodarte and I have lived in Anaheim since birth. I am the social services program coordinator at a local non-profit. I received my BA in Political Science from UCSD and am currently attending CSULB for a Master in Public Policy and Administration. I would eventually love to combine my hobbies and education and work with local government. When I am not working I enjoy hiking, reading, keeping up with local and national politics, trying new cuisines and travelling. I enjoy being a member of the Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council because it gives me the opportunity to meet other concerned residents who are committed to making our neighborhoods better and it allows me a direct connection with the APD to discuss neighborhood concerns. Community involvement and volunteerism is important to me because it allows me to provide a voice for those who are disenfranchised or afraid to speak up. One of my proudest accomplishments was founding “We are Anaheim, Somos Anaheim” which is a community group dedicated to promoting leadership, neighborhood engagement and opportunities for Anaheim youth. I have learned that the APD is very involved in making Anaheim a safe city and is dedicated to community outreach. I think it is important for the community to partner with APD so that the citizens can provide meaningful input that can create programs to help youth, create leadership opportunities and create effective community policing teams so that neighbors feel comfortable with police officers.

Martin Mercado
Neighborhood: Haster/Orangewood

My name is Martin Mercado, I have been living in Anaheim for 10 years. I currently work as a resident manager. I am interested in hiking and walking in the mountains and cooking on special occasions for my family and friends. I like being in the council because I can help my community. Participating in the community is important because it is my duty as a citizen. An important thing that I have learned about the Anaheim Police Department is communication. I have worked as a Chef for 18 years in different hotels and have assisted in FER housing and sexual harassment conferences and have received certificates. My biggest accomplishment is having a beautiful family. I believe that it is important for me to be associated with the police department because all citizens should have constant communication with the police department.

Leticia Murillo

My name is Leticia Murillo. I have been living in Anaheim for 19 years. I am a homemaker and volunteer. I enjoy reading and cooking. My major interests are to serve and help my community by involving myself in any possible community meetings whether educational, community orientated, religious, and CNAC of course. I enjoy being in the council because I have the opportunity to learn and know more about services being offered, strategies to improve my community, and voicing my neighborhood problems. I obtain satisfaction from volunteering for the last 12 years. Additionally, I enjoy meeting wonderful people in the community meetings. I have learned that the Anaheim Police Department is one of the best. The officers that I have met have shown to be exemplary, dedicated, and sacrifice a lot for the community. My biggest accomplishment as a member of CNAC has been being chosen as a community representative. Through this, I have been able to learn the department’s duties, services and I am able to maximally take advantage of the privileges provided. My biggest accomplishment is being a mother and participating as a community representative for my district and to serve my community. I also serve as a representative for ELAC and president of DELAC (the district). I have graduated high school and attended college for a year. I am also in the mobile academy of AP and I have been recognized as the strongest leader for Southern California. I find that the best thing about my neighborhood is that the majority of the community is Hispanic and with help with can all be a better community. I believe it is important to be involved with the police department because it is important for my community and we are offered a great opportunity to grow. Additionally, the children are offered a better future and continuing cordial relationship with the police department as Commander Raul Quezada demonstrates.

Leslie Swan Mier
Neighbohood: East Anaheim Hills

My name is Leslie Swan Mier. I have lived in Anaheim for 51 years, since 1962. I am a realtor and am involved in network niche marketing. My hobbies and interests are travel, community service, and passion for animals, golf, food and the beach. I enjoy meeting new people in my community and around the world. I enjoy being on the Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council because I have lived in the Anaheim area for over 50 years with strong ties to my community. I run a Facebook community group called the Anaheim Hills Buzz with thousands of members in our community, and enjoy having up to date information to pass directly from the police department to our community. Community involvement and volunteerism is important to me because giving is the cornerstone of a strong community and it is also important to give yourself new opportunities for personal growth. After having the opportunity to be in a PACE class, I have learned a little about each department and what they have to offer back to my community. Whether it is drugs or how to protect ourselves in dangerous situations, APD has given me the ability to educate myself so I can pass it on. I feel very fortunate to have the best officers in states protecting my home and family. The great thing about being a member of CNAC is that I get firsthand knowledge and strong ties to our police department. I am in the know of situations good or bad. I am a licensed CA realtor and PACE graduate. One of my proudest accomplishments is raising two bright young women that will be a rock in society. Another accomplishment of mine was being honored last year by the APD Community Service award for the East District and the first social media site that APD partnered with.

Lisa Lewis
Neighbohood: East Anaheim Hills

My name is Lisa Lewis. I have lived in Anaheim for 51 years, since 1963. I am a small business owner for senior care; I have a caregiving company called Preferred Care. My hobbies and interests are food and wine. I enjoy being on the Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council because it has given me a great overview of the diversity and challenges within our city. Community involvement and volunteerism is important to me because it is important to be connected to my community and to be able to give back. I have learned how community focused the police department is. The great thing about being a member of CNAC is learning about our diverse city and how the different communities have such varying needs and challenges. Education and training I have is that I have lived in Anaheim my entire life and am a graduate of Canyon High School. Also, I am a PACE graduate and active in CERT. I have stayed local and have attended Fullerton College and Cal State Fullerton. The best thing about my neighborhood is that I feel a real sense of community and our neighbors are able to pull together to help fight crime and to help those in need. It is important to partner with the police department because the police officers keep our streets safe, but they cannot be everywhere. This is why building a strong support team between the department and residence not only creates a stronger bond of trust, but also creates a better sense of community involvement.

Pam Renck
Neighborhood: Chain/Gain/Transit

My name is Pam Renck. I have lived in Anaheim for 20 years and I am a Project Manager. My hobbies and interests are reading, cross stitching, dirt bike riding, shooting at the range, and music. I also enjoy going to the beach and playing the guitar. I enjoy being on the Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council because it brings people from diverse neighborhoods together to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods through collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Community involvement and volunteerism is important to me because I feel it is important to contribute and make a difference in the community in which I live. Volunteering gives me a chance to meet new people in the community. Interesting things I have learned about APD include community policing and the great community policing team that APD has to work with neighborhoods and help start neighborhood watch teams. I have also learned how seriously the police department takes their commitment to work in conjunction with the Anaheim citizens. Lastly, I have learned how tough the policing job really is. The great thing about being a member of CNAC is that it brings us all together to work as a team to improve our neighborhoods and reduce crime in the city of Anaheim. I have a B.S. in business administration. I am also a PACE academy graduate, neighborhood watch captain, and a volunteer at my kid’s schools (band, football, and field trips). One of my proudest accomplishments is graduating the PACE academy. The best thing about my neighborhood is my neighbors. My husband grew up with many people in our neighborhood and they are all lifetime friends and we can all count on one another. I think it is important to partner with the police department because it is important to be a voice for our neighborhood and community to convey our concerns regarding crime in the area. The APD works closely with us in resolving issues and educating us.

Robert Fournier
Neighborhood: Embassy Circle

My name is Robert Fournier. I have been living in Anaheim for 24 years. I am a retired SCE employee and a current four-plex resident owner. My hobbies and interests are yard work, gardening, rock collecting, fixing things, nature, living my faith and travel. I enjoy family and all of my interests and hobbies. I enjoy being on the Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council because I can help make an impact on making it a better place. Community involvement and volunteerism is important because to someone has to do it. I am a high school graduate and have endured two years of college. I grew up ranching and was in the Navy for four years. I am educated in water chemistry, nuclear water analysis, and radiation protection of people in a nuclear facility. One of my proudest accomplishments is my family. The best thing about my neighborhood is the buildings, those who work to improve it, its nearness to the park, the West Anaheim Community Center and the Carbon Creek waterfowl habitat. It is important to partner with the police department because we can help them help us.

Salvador Cisneros
Neighborhood: Avon/Dakota

My name is Salvador Cisneros and I’ve lived in Anaheim for 9 years. My occupation is veterinary technician. My hobbies and interests are caring for animals. They deserve to be treated well and have feelings just like us! I enjoy playing the guitar and song writing. I also enjoy attending church and helping others. Lastly, I enjoy going to the movies with my family. I enjoy being on the neighborhood advisory council because I play a role in helping preventing crime and offer my time so my community is safer. I graduated high school in Mexico in the late 1980’s. I’ve take veterinarian assistant courses in Fullerton. I have a certificate as a chiropractor assistant. I received this certificate in 2004. I think it’s important to partner with the Police Department so there is a way to communicate the needs of my community and have a safer city.

Marta Baltazar
Neighborhood: Ariel/Olinda

My name is Marta Baltazar and I’ve lived in Anaheim for 20 years. I’m a stay at home parent and I volunteer at my children’s school. My hobbies and interests are shopping, spending time with my family, going to the movies and I enjoy talking to people. I enjoy volunteering at my children’s school, cooking and knitting. I enjoy being on the neighborhood advisory council because I learn how to help my community and share information in my neighborhood. I also enjoy working with others and being a part of a team to improve neighborhoods. Community involvement and volunteerism is important to me because I’ve grown as a person and I like to get to know my neighbors. I like to be aware of what’s going on and I enjoy helping. Interesting things I have learned about Anaheim Police Department are all the help and assistance they offer and the interest they’ve demonstrated in working towards improving our neighborhoods. The great thing about being a member of CNAC is how to help my community. My background is in accounting/bookkeeping. I studied in Jalisco, Mexico. I worked for 14 years as an administrative assistant for the judicial system for the state of Jalisco, Mexico. In the United States, I have volunteered in the school for the last 12 years. I enjoy helping children; I also volunteer with the GRIP program for the Anaheim Police Department and I am the president of ELAC for Western High School. One of my proudest accomplishments is to see my children become professionals. I think it’s important to partner with APD because I learn and gather information that I share with my neighborhood.

Karen Kules
Neighborhood: Park Lane/Terrace

I moved to Anaheim at the age of 5. Left in my early 20’s to test the waters in a few other Southern California Cities, but always ended up drawn back to the comfort of Anaheim. It will always be home. In 2000 I moved into a neighborhood that wasn’t very desirable and full of crime. Through the last 10 years, I’ve seen a huge improvement in the quality of living in that neighborhood. This is due to the team work between the community, Anaheim PD and Neighborhood Services. I am determined to keep this going and to help other neighborhoods do the same.

Earl Kelso
Neighborhood: Kodiak

I moved to Anaheim in July of 1991 and currently live on Merrimac Drive. At that time we had a Spa installed in the back yard and the first night we were able to hear gun fire coming from Kodiac Street, 3 streets over. This lead to my joining the Neighborhood Flashlight Walk, with Officer Bill Moss. It was suggested that I get involved with the East District Council and eventually I became Vice Chair and from there the Chair for 2 years. From there I enrolled in the APD P.A.C.E. class and learned about the department. After P.A.C.E., I went on to join C.E.R.T. and am still an active member of the group. I was offered a spot in the Anaheim Neighborhood Academy and also took that course and learned the workings of City Hall. While I was Vice Chair of the East District, I was automatically placed on the C.D.A.C. Eventually I received an appointment from the City Council to the Community Services Board. Not having enough to do, I jumped at the chance to be on the Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council. I am also active in the American Legion at the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. While I do not possess a College Degree, I have taken several college units and am about 17 units short of getting an AA degree. I enjoy seeing the City of Anaheim thrive and become better every year, and I would like to think that in some small measure I have helped by giving back to the City as much as it has given me.

Carlos Castiblanco
Neighborhood: Glen/Neighbors

I have been living in Anaheim 14 years. I am Manager of the Complex Bahama Village, located at the corner of Mohican Way and W. Neighbors Ave. I got my bachelor’s degree in System Administration equivalent to Computer Science in Bogota Columbia. I enjoy sharing in special events with my friend. I enjoy being on the advisory council because I can contribute ideas and advice to improve it. I can listen to other people’s complaints and problems. Community involvement and volunteering is important to me because we can improve the city if we all contribute with different opinions, we can all make a difference. I believe that it only takes ideas from all of us to create an Anaheim which we can all be proud of. Taking one grain of sand and turning it into something much larger than that, and much better than when we arrived. I have learned that the Anaheim Police Department has an immense interest in learning to serve the community in a better way. Not only to avoid crime, theft etc. but also to share and listen in order to better prevent it. The great thing about being a member of CNAC is to be able to convey some of the problems we may have to the Police Department, and being involved in solving them. And also the ability to listen to others who may have had the same problems. The best thing about my neighborhood is that the people are very hard working, and have the desire to better themselves. It is important to partner with the Police Department because we can prevent crime by educating the community. With community involvement we can also assist in correcting it.

Ron Breach
Neighborhood: Kodiak

Ron Breach attended South Jr. High and graduated from Katella High School in 1970. After High School he served three years in the US Army spending two years in Germany. Ron believes that if you are not engaged in your community that you cannot effect the changes that you wish to see. When Ron is not running his small marketing firm, you might find him and his wife Liz doing their thing as Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Joanne Combs
Neighborhood: Glenview/Orangethorpe

I was born at St. Francis Hospital in Lynwood and raised in Compton. My 3 sisters and I attended Catholic School - 1st–8th grade at Our Lady of Victory School in Compton.  We moved my freshman year of high school to Downey, where I attended Pius X High School from 9th-12th grade. After High School I attended Cerritos College and received an Associate’s degree in Art. In 1976 I got married to my husband Rick and we bought a small house in Whittier, where both of our children were born. When our children were 1 and 3 ½ we moved to a house in Anaheim, where we currently live. I have worked in the office of an elementary school in the Placentia-Yorba Linda school district for the past 26 years. I am a proud mother of two and new grandma to a beautiful baby boy. I am honored to be a part of the CNAC and want to help make this community a better/safer place for my children and grandchildren.

John Wolos
Neighborhood: Rose/Bush/Vine

Born 1943; BASc, MASc Engineering; retired executive from a “Fortune 500’ global manufacturer; fluent in 4 languages; lived and worked in Canada, US, Mexico & Europe, plus worked extensively in Soviet Block, Brazil & Far East (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, & China). Introduced to Anaheim 30 years ago through the purchase of rental properties; Anaheim Neighborhood Academy graduate in 2007; active interface with code Enforcement, & Anaheim Police Department approximately 10 years to “turn around” a "focus neighborhood”.

Connie Rodriguez
Neighborhood: Rose/Bush/Vine

Connie Rodriguez has been a resident of Anaheim since December 1989. She began her community involvement with the Jeffery-Lynne Neighborhood Improvement Action Plan in 1993 alongside the Jeffery-Lynne Neighborhood Improvement Committee. As an active resident, Connie worked with community members, property owners, the Anaheim Police Department, Code Enforcement, the City Manager's Office, and the Community Services Department to bring essential communications to better serve the residents of the Jeffery-Lynne Neighborhood. Her continued dedication for a safer living environment allowed her to take action as a member of Anaheim's Neighborhood Council in 1995, representing the South Anaheim region. Connie's persistent advocacy for children and her neighborhood brought her to serve as CDAB (Community Development Advisory Board) Representative for the South Anaheim District. She contributed to community meetings, city council meetings and neighborhood events and spoke on behalf of the many social issues confronting her district. As a member of the CDAB her main focus was to provide areas of low-income and blight adequate funding from CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) sources to revitalize community involvement and link residents to various community organizations, city resources and non-profit organizations to assist and make a positive impact in the lives of children.

Connie currently plays major roles in community development, public policy and resident advocacy with numerous Anaheim-based organizations that concentrate on improving the quality of life for underrepresented neighborhoods. Issues dealing with the public safety and police department policy changes are at the top of Connie's priorities. Linking the residents with the Police Department through effective communication to bring trust, discipline, dignity and safety must be a part of the progress to head broken relationships. By contributing her efforts, Connie looks forward to reaching compromise through dialogue and progressive actions that benefit Anaheim's youth. The cycle of violence, distrust and blame must end through positive impacting efforts, from the community, city officials and police department. It is her goal to develop strategies as part of the Chief's Neighborhood Advisory Council that will take into account all aspects and needs of everyone involved in the process.