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Green Ribbon Week
Graffiti Prevention and Anaheim Beautification

Green Ribbon Week November 9- 13, 2009  is aimed at raising awareness among Anaheim youth in regards to graffiti prevention and the preservation and beautification of Anaheim.

Anaheim Beautiful, The Anaheim Police Department, Anaheim Code Enforcement, The Magnolia School District, and The Anaheim City School District, have collaborated to drive this year's efforts in educating and maintaining awareness among Anaheim youth. Our hope is that preventive education and training will assist in reducing future graffiti, vandalism and littering in our communities and promote the preservation and beautification of our city.

The events leading up to the November Green Ribbon Week began in October with:

    • Assemblies at 20 Anaheim City Elementary Schools and Magnolia Schools presented by The Anaheim Police Departments, Gang Reduction and Intervention Partnership (G.R.I.P.), topic “Graffiti and the Consequences of Tagging.”  
    • Poster Contest (open to all (K-3) students) hosted by Anaheim Beautiful and judged by Anaheim City Officials.
    • Essay Contest (open to all (4-6) students) hosted by Anaheim Beautiful and judged by Anaheim City Officials.
    • Winners will be selected from each participating elementary school.  A first place winner will be chosen from each grade level.
    • All first place winners will be judged in the district-wide competition.
Winning Essays

Alvin Hua 5th Grade Christoper Rahlwes 4th Grade
Joseline Santizo 6th Grade Noreen Aguilera 6th Grade
Yatziri Santibanez 4th Grade

Winning Posters

Adrian Romero
Mrs Taylor, 1st Grade
Dr. Albert Scheitzer Elementary School
1st Place

Andrew Aquino
Lupe Gerace, 1st Grade
Lincoln Elementary

Jesus Torres
Jaffe, 2nd Grade
Betsy Ross

Angel, Isabela, Shantay, Dravi, Alexis, Christopher, Marintha
Mrs. Shader, Kindergarten Room A

Maritza Torres
Mr. Kelly, 3rd Grade

Oswaldo Gomez
Ms. Rubin, 2nd Grade
Lord Baden Powell

Tracy Vu
Mrs. Lemmel, 3rd Grade
Juliette Low