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The Anaheim Community Anti-Graffiti Effort (ACAGE) strives to provide access to positive role models to foster constructive alternatives to graffiti.

ACAGE has identified the specific goal of disseminating an anti-graffiti message as a component of existing youth programs to help prevent graffiti.  Some of the programs and activities taken on by this committee include:

  • Creating a common message for youth programs through an ongoing collaboration with the "Schools" committee.
  • The development of a comprehensive distribution plan to all youth programs. This is being achieved through the "Graffiti Hurts" 5 week anti-graffiti curriculum implementation, which is underway.
  • Enlisting the assistance of faith-based organizations in efforts to prevent graffiti. In February 2009, ACAGE gave a presentation to the Anaheim Religious Community Congregation (ARCC) to work towards this goal.
  • Providing training to youth workers about graffiti to help them recognize the signs of tagging and reinforce anti-graffiti messages. Four trainings have been completed thus far, with a total of 253 staff trained to date.

To learn more about the Youth Graffiti Prevention component of ACAGE, please contact: Community Services Department at 714-765-5246.