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Sister City
Mito, Japan

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City of Anaheim
City Manager's Office
City Hall
Anaheim, CA 92805
(714) 765-5162

Mito, Japan
Anaheim Sister City since 1976

The City of Anaheim entered its first sister city relationship with Mito on December 21, 1976. Mito is located 70 miles north of Tokyo and is the Plum Blossom Capital and a center of commerce, culture, education and political power. Since 1984, Anaheim and Mito have enjoyed an annual student exchange program. Mito and Anaheim high school students are hosted by local families and enjoy cultural and educational opportunities as well as local sightseeing interests. The Wada Family, owners of a doll factory in Mito, presented an Imperial Doll Collection during a delegation visit in the spring, 2004. The collection is displayed in the Sister Cities' display case located on the first floor of City Hall near the Council Chamber entrance. Mito Garden and the Pathway to Friendship are located in front of Anaheim City Hall where the names of ASCC sponsors are inscribed on bricks that lead into Mito Garden.

Distance from Anaheim to Mito: 7,880 miles (12,682 km)

About Mito

Mayor: Yasu Takahashi

City Population: 270,769

Country Population: 128 million

Official Language: Japanese

Geographic Size: 217.43 kmĀ² = 83.950 sq mi

Geography:The geography of Mito, Japan is divided into three districts; the lowland district, the plateau district and the hills district. The Senba Lake is located in the lowland district along with the Bizen Canal, along with rice fields next to the City.

Colleges / Universities: Ibaraki University and Tokiwa University

Did You Know? Mito City is known for its historical sites, beautiful gardens, and lively festivals. The north side of the city retains the appearance of various historical sites such as the Mito Castel. The south side of the city is known for its new developments including elegant shops and restaurants. This area is also known for its beautiful nature lakes and cherry trees.

Website: http://www.city.mito.lg.jp/html/english/index.htm

Japanese Consulate in Los Angeles:
350 S. Grand Ave # 1700
Los Angeles, CA 90071-3472
Phone: (213) 617-6700