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Tell us your ideas on how to reduce regulations in Anaheim

Call: 765-4900
Email: regrelief@anaheim.net

On Monday, December 6, the Regulatory Relief Task Force unveiled a new report with 17 recommendations on ways to make it easier to do business in the City of Anaheim. Created by Mayor Tait last January, the Task Force was charged with reviewing the regulatory burden on existing and prospective businesses in Anaheim and making recommendations that help foster more freedom for Anaheim’s business community. To read the complete report, click here.

Additional Comments from members of the

“Anaheim Fire and Rescue valued the opportunity to provide input to the Anaheim Regulatory Relief Task Force on how we can best serve our customers. Our opportunity to solicit feedback from fellow task force members on a new and imaginative approach to business inspections that is both risk-based and customer needs focused, will result in lower fees to businesses in Anaheim.”

Randy Bruegman, Chief
Anaheim Fire and Rescue Inc.

“The Anaheim Regulatory Relief Task Force has been an enlightening experience showing that a city can make a difference in a tough economy. With cities having trouble with budgets and expenses, Anaheim will be making the commitment to promote business within the city in order to create jobs and improve the business culture for everyone operating within the city. I look forward to seeing the economic benefit of the city implementing these recommendations.”

Ken Clark, President / COO
Farmer Boys Food,

“The value to a local economy is enhanced when local regulatory agencies are able to solicit feedback, analyze, cooperatively discuss and improve upon how they function by focusing on their core purpose and value to the community without embellishment or unnecessary complications. The well-intended and professionally facilitated Regulatory Relief Task Force which consisted of both private and municipal individuals accomplished both tangible changes while planting seeds for a different future perspective.”

Scott Fazekas AIA, NCARB, CBO, LEED AP, CASp
Scott Fazekas & Associates, Inc.

“There will be a dramatic positive economic impact to the business community by updating and eliminating many outdated zoning requirements for new proposed land uses.”

“The ability to start a business quickly and efficiently will place Anaheim well ahead of competing jurisdictions in attracting new businesses.”

“The task force members, representing many points of view, concurred on the recommended changes in city codes and in processing procedures.”

Phillip R. Schwartze
The PRS Group

“Mayor Tait has turned our task group loose on examining all the regulations and fees that entrepreneurs are concerned with. Everything was on the table.

“Too many CEO’s have a current strategy in place to export jobs outside California. Mayor Tait’s Regulatory Relief Task Force has streamlined a number of fees and regulations that are significant to the business community. Our hope is that this can catch on throughout California.”

Tom VanDorpe, SE, President
VanDorpe Chou Associates, Inc. (VCA Engineers)

"While cities don't write the regulations that come out of Sacramento and Washington, they often have great leeway in how those regulations are interpreted and implemented.

Where it is in our power, the city should interpret state and federal regulations in a way that maximizes freedom for entrepreneurs. Job-creators, innovators and risk-takers should be given as much running room as possible for their pursuit of happiness. That is how opportunity is created.

As we celebrate the centennial of Ronald Reagan's birth this year, it would be a fitting tribute to apply his wisdom to Anaheim by creating a citizens' commission of innovators, key business leaders and city staff who would comprehensively review Anaheim's regulatory structure and report back with a detailed plan for reducing regulation.

Our goal should be to eliminate as many job-killing regulations as possible, streamline those that are truly needed, and make Anaheim the most jobs-and-business friendly city in California – a place where entrepreneurs can make their dreams come true and create jobs for the many that so desperately need them.

The result will be an Anaheim that is healthier -- economically, spiritually and civically."


The Mayor's Relief Task Force brings together innovators, key business leaders and city staff to comprehensively review Anaheim's regulatory structure and make recommendations for reducing regulation. Our goal is to improve processes and cut any unnecessary regulations to encourage business growth in Anaheim. Business owners and community members can call the hotline (714) 765-4900 with specific ideas on how Anaheim could streamline or eliminate local regulations that would attract new businesses and help current businesses prosper in our city.

The 14- member task force, chaired by Dr. Thomas Turk, Associate Professor of Management at Chapman University meets regularly to discuss opportunities to cut regulation and we look forward to your ideas.

We want to hear your ideas!

What type of regulation is the most burdensome to your business enterprise?

Is there a particular process or procedure you think could be streamlined to help your business?

Call or email today!

Regulatory Relief Hotline (714) 765-4900

Regulatory Relief Email: regrelief@anaheim.net

Thomas A. Turk, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Management
Argyros School of Business and Economics
Chapman University

Professor Turk currently serves as an Associate Professor of Management at Chapman University’s Argyros School of Business and Economics. He previously served as the Leatherby Chair in Entrepreneurship. Professor Turk joined Chapman University in 1992 after serving for five years on the faculty at Texas A&M University. He earned a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from the University of California, Irvine in 1988.

Professor Turk's research on corporate strategy, corporate governance, and executive compensation issues has appeared in leading academic journals, including Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Economic Inquiry, Human Relations, Journal of Management, Journal of High Technology Management, Strategic Management Review, and Journal of Economics and Business. His research on corporate governance, mergers and hostile takeovers has appeared in Corporate Governance and The Management of Corporate Acquisitions, both collections of articles by internationally recognized scholars. His current research focuses on improving resource allocation by applying property rights theory to the internal management of organizations.

Professor Turk lectures widely in executive education programs for both public and private organizations. He frequently consults with businesses on strategic planning, strategic change, and executive compensation issues. He also serves as an expert witness on top executive compensation and business valuation issues. Professor Turk’s current consulting assists firms in reducing bureaucracy and increasing their capacity to take entrepreneurial initiative.


Dr. Thomas Turk, Associate Professor of Management, Chapman University

Todd Ament, President, Anaheim Chamber of Commerce

CJ Amstrup, Planning Services Manager, City of Anaheim

Randy Bruegman, Fire Chief, City of Anaheim

Ken Clark, President, Farmer Boys

Marcie Edwards, Assistant City Manager, City of Anaheim

Scott Fazekas, Principal, Scott Fazekas & Associates

Greg Garcia, Deputy City Manager/Administration, City of Anaheim

Jim Ivory, Vice President, Sares Regis Group

Jeff Lutz, Fire Marshal, City of Anaheim

Carl Middleton, Senior Vice President, Northgate Gonzalez Markets

Mishal Montgomery, Office of Mayor Tait

Phil Schwartze, President, PRS Group

Scott Slater, President, Slater's 50/50

Bryan Starr, Executive Director, BIA-OC

Ben Seybold, Senior Vice President, CBRE

Vickie Talley, President, Talley & Associates

Sheri Vander Dussen, Planning Director, City of Anaheim

Ted White, Senior Planner, City of Anaheim

Tom VanDorpe, Senior Principal, VanDorpe Chou Associates, Inc.