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Compost Info and Bins


It’s Easy. It’s Smart.
It’s Recycling.


compost machine

The City of Anaheim Department of Public Works has Earth Machine Compost Bins available for purchase. Composting reduces the amount of trash sent to the landfill and you get great free fertilizer for your yard and plants.

For more information please contact (714) 765-6883
or email.



Why Should I Compost


Composting is nature’s way of recycling. It is a satisfying way to turn your fruit, vegetable and yard trimmings into a nutrient rich soil conditioner for your garden. The benefits of composting includes:

  • Saving money by lowering garbage bills and replacing store bought soil conditioners
  • Saving water by helping the soil hold moisture and reducing water runoff
  • Helping garden and house plants by improving the fertility and health of your plants
  • Benefiting the environment by recycling valuable organic resources and extending the life of our landfill
  • Garden

    The 4 “R’s” Of The Yard


    REDUCE the amount of yard trimming you make by planting slow-growing, drought tolerant plants.

    REUSE yard trimmings by grasscycling (mowing more often, and leaving the clippings on the lawn) and by mulching fallen leaves and chipped prunings (spread them 6” deep on paths and around trees and shrubs).

    RECYCLE remaining yard trimmings by composting.

    RESTORE the environment with thriving gardens. It all starts at home.

    Thriving Garden


    Compost Works For You!


    Not only does composting help the environment, but it can help your garden, yard, and house plants too! Compost is ready to use when it looks like soil and smells sweet and earthy. Here are some of the most common ways to use compost.

  • IN THE GARDEN mix 4” to 8” layer of compost into newly reclaimed or poor soils before planting. Then mix a 1/2” to 3” layer of compost into annual garden beds at least once a year. The compost will add nutrients, beneficial microbes, water, and improve plant growth.
  • AROUND THE YARD spread a 1” to 6” layer of coarse compost on soil as a mulch or spread a 1/2” layer of sifted weed-seed-free compost on turf grass as a top dressing. These can be done any time of the year to improve soil fertility and reduce watering needs.
  • ON HOUSE PLANTS sprinkle a thin layer of compost over house plant soil to provide nutrients. You can also make a great potting soil by mixing one part compost with two parts sand and/or soil.
  • DON’T HAVE A GARDEN? You can still make compost and use it on a house plant, give it to a friend, sprinkle it around a street tree, or use it in a community garden.

    For more information on home composting, please visit www.anaheim.net/composting


    For classes on composting,

    please contact the Fullerton Arboretum at

    (714) 278-3579 or visit www.fullertonarboretum.org

    Fullerton Arboretum