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Recycle Anaheim

Recycle Anaheim

The Integrated Waste Management Act (Assembly Bill 939) was passed in 1989 to reduce the amount of sold waste sent to landfills. As a result of AB939, California cities and counties were required to divert a minimum of 25% of their solid waste from landfills by 1995 and 50% by 2000.

Recycle Anaheim

The City of Anaheim is committed to recycling and waste reduction and continues to exceed the minimum solid waste diversion rate of 50%.

With your help, we can continue to meet and exceed our recycling goals by:

  • RECYCLING (including composting)
  • Working together we can extend the life of our landfills and reduce the impact we have on the Earth while saving precious and limited natural resources.


    Bulky Item

    How Can I Help?

    Take advantage of the free bulky item pick-up program  Bulky items will be recycled and diverted from the landfill.





    Sort Trash

    Sort your trash into the correct container,

  • Black Trash for non-recyclable items

  • Green for recyclable waste

  • Brown for yard waste

    Additional Green RECYCLE

    containers are available for FREE.



    House Harzardous Waste

    Keep our environment safe by
    proper disposal of household hazardous waste.






    Lastly, don't forget to donate or RECYCLE gently used items!

    For more information please contact Republic Services at

    (714) 238-2444 or visit www.republicservices.com/site/Anaheim-ca.


    Reduce     Recycle     Reuse    

    Recycling works because of you!