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Reduce Reuse Recycle


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Anaheim Recycle

Waste is anything that we discard, reject, abandon, or otherwise release into the environment. With this in mind, most of our “waste” can be reused or reinvented in another way if we dispose of it properly.



R educing
takes a little planning to get started. When we REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE, we decrease the amount of trash we send to landfills. By adopting a set of simple new habits to REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE, we will begin using the Green Recycle Container more than the Black Trash Container .



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How Do I Reduce?

REDUCE the amount of waste going to landfills by purchasing, items with less packaging and can be recycled.

  • Purchase items in bulk
  • Use glass and metal products instead of disposable products
  • Bring a reusable grocery bag to the store
  • Use a reusable coffee mug
  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins or paper towels
  • Use a sponge or dishcloth instead of paper towels





    How Do I Reuse?

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. REUSE your belongings and give it new life by donating or selling it.

  • List your items that you no longer want on a local website or in the newspaper (Reduce paper waste by listing on the internet).
  • Donate your unused or unwanted items to an organizations for resale or to support their programs. Donating helps to create new jobs and allows REUSABLE items to be purchased at a lower cost.



    When you RECYCLE in your Green Recycle Container, you help divert items from going to the landfill so you are saving energy and our precious natural resources.


    How Do I Recycle?

    It’s easy! Placing a recycle bin next to each trash container in your home makes it easier to get in the habit of sorting your waste and recycling. Reuse brown paper bags or a reusable tote bags as your Green Recycle Container.

    Green Trash Can

  • In the bathroom, place a recycling box for shampoo bottles, tissue boxes, and toilet paper tubes.

  • In the kitchen, waste items such as eggshells, coffee filters, coffee grounds, paper towels, vegetable or fruit scraps can be placed in a compost bin. Other recyclable items such as glass jars, soda cans, and plastic bags can be placed in your Green Recycle Container.

  • In the office, or where children do homework, keep a paper recycling box nearby so that it is easy to dispose of unwanted paper.

    Empty your recycle bags/bins into the Green Recycle Container regularly.



    Recycle Loop

    Closing The Loop

    When you REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE, you change your impact on the environment. “Close the loop” by purchasing items that are made from recycled materials.