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Used Motor Oil Recycling

Used Motor Oil Recycling.


Did you know that just
one quart of oil can pollute
250,000 gallons of water?



Add Motor Oil

Keep in mind that when you change the oil in your vehicle the job is not complete until you have recycled the used oil.

Used oil should be taken to a designated collection site where you are paid and the used oil will be recycled, cleaned, and used again. Recycling used motor oil helps save the environment and puts money back in your pocket!




Contact the store where you purchased your oil or visit
for more information.


To locate a Certified Used Oil Recycling Center near you visit
www.calrecycle.ca.gov and click on the Where do I Recycle Motor Oil
link or call (714) 765-4154.


Don’t Forget Your Oil Filters!

Oil filters may not be disposed with regular household trash. Take your used oil filter to the

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center
1071 North Blue Gum Street

Anaheim, CA 92806

For more information, please contact

(714) 834-6752

or visit www.oclandfills.com.

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