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West Anaheim

The City of Anaheim has been awarded nearly $500,000 from the Strategic Growth Council under the Sustainable Communities Planning Grant and Incentives Program to establish the Beach Boulevard Specific Plan (BBSP), with an emphasis on the Beach Boulevard corridor.

West Anaheim residents generally live in well-maintained neighborhoods. However, many residents report feeling unsafe in their neighborhood due, in large part, to the negative impacts associated with the Beach Boulevard corridor. The purpose of the BBSP is to improve the image and economic potential of West Anaheim’s corridors by creating the land use framework to guide and encourage future public and private investment in the area.

On May 20, the two final candidates in the consultant selection process made presentations to the Community Advisory Committee (CAC), a 21-member group of West Anaheim stakeholders tasked with providing direct input during the Specific Plan preparation process. Following the presentations, which included an opportunity for CAC members to pose questions to both firms, we are pleased to announce that a recommendation will be made to the City Council to award the contract for this project to Placeworks, Inc. The recommendation will be placed on the City Council’s consent calendar at its July 7th meeting. Placeworks, Inc. is recommended for this project based upon its successful track record of preparing similar corridor plans, its staffing resources, which include a highly qualified project manager and team of sub-consultants, and its vision and strong commitment towards engaging the community in the planning process.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Gustavo Gonzalez, AICP, at ggonzalez@anaheim.net or (714) 765-4671 or Susan Kim, AICP, at skim@anaheim.net or (714) 765-4958.