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200 South Anaheim Blvd. Suite 525
Anaheim, CA 92805
5th Floor City Hall

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Building Division
Business License Division

Why did I receive a Quality Rental Housing Certification Packet?
The City of Anaheim is implementing a new program to ensure all multi-family residential units comply with basic Code standards. The City is working geographically through the program, from west to east, so if you have received this packet, the program has reached your property. This program requires all owners of property which have two or more units on the property to self certify that the units are in compliance with the State Health and Safety codes related to housing. (A.M.C. 15.70.080 A & B)

What do I do once I receive a Quality Rental Housing Certification Packet?
The first step of the process will be for owners to complete and return the Management Questionnaire and Declaration of Compliance form within 60 days from the date on the letter. (A.M.C. 15.70.080 D)

How long do I have to fill out and return the Quality Rental Housing Certification Packet?
60 days.(A.M.C. 15.70.080 F)

What if I don’t own the property anymore?
Contact the Quality Rental Housing Officer and provide documentation showing the sale of the property.

Can a Property Manager fill out the Quality Rental Housing Certification Packet?
Yes (A.M.C. 15.70.090)

What is the Fair Housing Act?

When is a business license required for rental apartments?
A business license is required when a person is conducting, managing or carrying on the business of operating an apartment house or properties containing five (5) or more rental units. (A.M.C. 3.28.010) Example: If you own two 4-plex’s at two separate locations in Anaheim, a business license would be required due to the total number of units being more than five (5). Example #2: If you own an apartment house with five (5) or more units on the same property, a business license is required.