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City of Anaheim Flood Plain Map

  • Elevation Certificate Properties

  • The following properties have a completed FEMA Elevation Certificate on file in the Planning Department.
    1776 N Azure St.
    2743 E Ball Rd.
    2777 W Broadway
    401 N Gilbert St.
    430 N Gilbert St.
    520 N Gilbert St.
    5710 E La Palma Ave.
    3830 Miraloma Ave.
    3840 Miraloma Ave.
    1778 N Sabel Ct.
    2910 E South St.
    226 S Tola Place
    Blank Elevation Certificate
  • Letters of Map Amendment

  • The following properties have a final FEMA Letter of Map Amendment on file in the Planning Department.

    6172 Acacia Hill Dr.
    408 Anaheim Hills Rd.
    490 S Anaheim Hills Rd.
    401 S Beach Blvd.
    1755 N Bubach St.
    1770 N Bubach St.
    8080 E Crystal Dr.
    1880 N Cymbal Pl.
    1740 N Glenview Ave.
    1744 N Glenview Ave.
    1752 Glenview Ave.
    4629 E Greenwood Dr.
    4650 E Greenwood Dr.
    4654 E Greenwood Dr.
    4526 E Hightree Cir.
    4925 E Holbrook St.
    4933 E Holbrook St.
    4957 E Holbrook St.
    4961 E Holbrook St.
    4965 E Holbrook St.
    5001 E Holbrook St.
    1773 N Holbrook St.
    1845 N Holbrook St.
    1752 N Holbrook St.
    1760 N Holbrook St.
    189 N Magnolia Ave.
    4634 E Meadowglen Dr.
    4637 E Meadowglen Dr.
    4643 E Meadowglen Dr.
    4520 E Meadowhill Ave.
    4528 E Meadowhill Ave.
    4536 E Meadowhill Ave.
    4539 E Meadowhill Ave.
    4565 E Meadowhill Ave.
    4568 E Meadowhill Ave.
    4531 Meadowhill Ave.
    18552 Minuet Ln.
    1125 W Mishreki Pl.
    1749 N Oak Knoll Dr.
    1753 N Oak Knoll Dr.
    1760 N Oak Knoll Dr.
    1768 N Oak Knoll Dr.
    1722 N Rain Wood Circle
    220 S Royce Place
    1783 N Sabel Ct.
    3603 - 3621 W Savanna St.
    4718 E Tanglewood Ave
    4722 E Tanglewood Ave
    216 S Tola Place
    220 S Tola Place
    223 S Tola Place
    226 S Tola Place
    227 S Tola Place
    2749 W Tola Ave.
    2753 W Tola Ave.
    2773 W Tola Ave.
    1715 N Willow Woods Dr.
    1733 Woodwind Ln.

  • Letters of Map Revision

  • The following areas have a final FEMA Letter of Map Revision on file in the Planning Department.

    175 North Magnolia
    209 North Magnolia
    Oak Knoll Dr., North of Orangethorpe Ave.
    2748 W Lincoln Ave.
    Atwood Channel FEMA Determination

  • Letters of Map Change

  • LOMC (Various Addresses)