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Mountain Park - Specific Plan No. 90-4
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General Plan

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Chapter 18.112

Specific Plan Page

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Mountain Park - Specific Plan No. 90-4
I Introduction
II Development Plan 1-19
II Development Plan 20-39
II Development Plan 40-59
III Zoning
IV Public Facilities
Appendix A – General Plan Consistency
Appendix B – Development Plan
Appendix C - Grading Concept
Appendix D – Explanation of Proposed Development Standards
Appendix E1 – Ordinance No. 5993
Appendix E2 – Ordinance No. 5994
Appendix E3 – Resolution No. 2005-174
Appendix E4 – Resolution No. 2005-175
Appendix E5 – Resolution No. 2005-176
Appendix E6 – Resolution No. 2005-177
Appendix F - Mitigation Monitoring
Appendix G1 – Notice of Determination (EIR)
Appendix G2 –Notice Of Determination (Zoning)
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