Downtown Anaheim's Art in Public Places Tour
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The Downtown Anaheim artworks mark a renewal of Anaheim's historic center. New office buildings and retail businesses along with special events and activities are bringing people back to an area that has witnessed much of Anaheim's history. The Art in Public Places in Downtown Anaheim was developed to commemorate some of this history and integrate the human element into the physical environment of buildings, streets and landscaping. The "Hammer Clock" by Daniel Martinez, the "Sinking Canoe" by Nobi Nagasawa and the Anaheim "A" benches by Buster Simpson, just to mention a few of their artworks, provide unique identity for Downtown Anaheim.

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The artwalk plays a significant role in helping create a unique sense of place. It offers individuality and local history in striking contrast to most development projects, which so often seem interchangeable with one another. It is likely the art along these two city blocks, as well the adjacent areas, will prompt strong associations and memories for visitors and workers. Hopefully, the art will play a small part in contributing to pride in Anaheim, in its ability to move forward, to build upon its past and to use creative solutions to address the complex issues now facing us.