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 18   Veteran's Monument & Plaza

Richard Turner

Located within a 50 foot diameter plaza, the bronze bas-relief monument represents the everyday aspects of wartime military service. It presents a chronology of both men and women who served the various branches of the armed forces from WWI to the Gulf War. The monument encircles the upper portion of a concrete column which has the appearance of being formed of sedimentary layers which reference geological time.

The Plaza suggests the complexity of the passage of time with a labyrinth paving design. Two fountains and four benches are located on opposite sides of the monument at the perimeter of the plaza. The design of the fountains takes its cue from the classical Indian "chadar", with water flowing over slanting planes on which the war years are written in high relief. The fountains provide a ritual cleansing of war years. The four concrete benches that flank the fountains have the four quarters of the twentieth century with each period of the war years inscribed in boldface numbers. A formal entry to the monument is provided by a descending path under the shade of an allee of Crepe Myrtle trees that begins with the City's historic flagpole. The international symbol of peace - a specimen of an olive tree - is used to terminate the plaza. The monument and plaza create a serene garden that offers a sanctuary and contemplative space sought by veterans.