1. All work within the right-of way will require a Right-of-Way Excavation & Construction Permit.

  2. Contact the Field Engineer at (714) 765-5126 48 hours prior to any of this work.

  3. All work shall be in accordance with the applicable sections of Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction, City of Anaheim Standard Plans, contract documents and standard specification supplement and the latest revisions thereof.

  4. The contractor shall notify Underground Service Alert at 1-800-422-4133 a minimum of 48 hours prior to start of construction within the right-of-way.

  5. All paving removal shall be sawcut at the Field Engineer's direction. Minimum depth of cut: 0.12'.

  6. Paving shall be sawcut and removed a minimum of 1' from curb and gutter construction or reconstruction.

  7. The protection and adjustment of all utilities shall be the responsibility of the developer.

  8. It shall be the contractor's responsibility to protect and/or relocate all traffic signs and traffic signals as shown on the plans or as required by the Field Engineer.

  9. Irrigation lines shall be removed, relocated out of the street right-of-way, encased in a steel sleeve, or replaced with cast iron as directed by the Parks Division. Notify the Parks Division at (714) 765-5155 48 hours prior to work.

  10. Reports of compaction within the right-of-way shall be submitted to and accepted by the Field Engineer prior to placing any paving.

  11. In the event that existing striping is obliterated by construction, it will be the responsibility of the developer to replace said striping.

  12. Prior to construction, all survey points that may be disturbed shall be tied out and a Corner Record of each point shall be filed with the County Surveyor. A copy of the recorded Corner Record shall be submitted to the City's Construction Services Division. Following the completion of the construction, a Corner Record of each point that was disturbed shall be filed with the County Surveyor. A copy of the recorded Corner Record shall be submitted to the City's Construction Services Division prior to the recording of a certificate of completion or release of bonds.


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  1. The construction of improvements in the area of traffic signals to be coordinated with the Traffic Engineering Division, Systems Section (714) 765-5183.

  2. Contact the Electrical Engineering Division at (714) 765-5472 for the relocation of any power poles.

  3. Before forms have been set and 24 hours prior to the placement of any concrete in the right-of-way the Contractor shall adjust all necessary utilities to grade and obtain approval from the Field Engineer.

  4. Prior to construction of full-width sidewalks, contact the Community Services Division at (714) 765-5155 for the size, placement, and quantity of tree wells.

  5. 4" thick sand blanket under all sidewalks and 4" thick aggregate base section under all curb and gutter is required unless a report from a registered Soils Engineer is submitted and approved stating the soil has an expansion index of 20 or less and that the sand blanket and/or aggregate base is not required.

  6. All regulatory signs shall be placed within 24 hours after curbs have been constructed.

  7. All necessary utility construction within the street right-of-way shall be completed prior to paving per this plan.

  8. Adjust all storm drain and sewer manholes and water valves to grade after placing final lift of asphalt.

  9. Stakes shall be set prior to the construction of the sub-grade and the rock grade. The finish-surface A.C. fills are to be painted on the base course of the A.C. 24 hours prior to finish paving.

  10. No expansive soil may be used within the public right-of-way.

  11. Seal coat or slurry seal is required if the Field Engineer deems the finished surface is to rough and open textured.

  12. Landscape and Irrigation plans for the median island and/or parkway shall be approved by the Community Services Division and the Building Division. Upon completion of landscaping and irrigation improvements, contact the Community Services Division at (714) 765-5155 for their inspection approval.

  13. Centerline monuments shall be set at all points of intersecting streets, beginning of curves, points of reverse curve, end of curves, center of cul-de-sacs and any other points so designated by the Field Engineer. Ties to monuments shall be submitted to and approved by the Field Engineer.

  14. Private streets shall be monumented in the same manner as required for the development of a public street.



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  1. Prior to delivery of storm drain pipes, contact Field Engineering at (714) 765-5126 for D-load test approval.

  2. The Contractor shall check the flow line elevation of existing juncture against control provided prior to construction. If the existing flow line varies from the plan elevation by more than 0.10' the Engineer shall adjust the grades between the juncture and the next upstream manhole, with the approval of the Field Engineer.

  3. Adjust all manholes to grade after placing final lift of asphalt.

  4. 2-sack sand cement slurry trench backfill shall be required to 1' above the finished top of pipe where line is constructed at a slope of 5:1 or more.

  5. Certification by a licensed surveyor or registered civil engineer shall be submitted prior to final acceptance certifying that the storm drain system was installed on grade per approved plan.

  6. Prior to final acceptance, the Developer shall provide a video tape of all sewer mains, which includes a log of all connections and manholes.

A City representative must be present during the taping. Contact the Street Maintenance Division at (714) 765-6840, extension 6145 (or extension 6118) 48 hours prior to televising the sewer.