1. All work shall conform to Title 17 of the Anaheim Municipal Code, the State Construction Safety Orders, and any special requirements of the permit.

  2. No grading shall commence without first obtaining a grading permit and notifying Field Engineering at (714) 765-5126 48-hours in advance for grading inspection.

  3. All improvements within the public right-of-way will require a Right-of-Way Construction Permit.

  4. All improvements to be constructed per City of Anaheim Standard Details, unless otherwise noted on plan.

  5. Color of all exposed drainage structures shall conform to Title 17 of the Anaheim Municipal Code Sections and

  6. All requirements of the Soil Engineer Report (s) dated __________________ by _______________ (and the Geological Report (s) dated ______________ by _________________________ ) and all subsequent reports, addenda, recommendations, etc. shall be considered part of this plan and shall be complied with, subject to the approval of the Director of Public Works/City Engineer.

  7. Buttress fills are required for construction per the Soil Engineering Report (s) dated __________________ by __________________ and as required by the Soil Engineer. See report for locations.

  8. This plan is approved for conformance with the Engineering Department requirements of the Grading Ordinance only. Approval of all walls (excluding crib walls) and sound attenuation devices shown hereon shall be obtained from the Planning Department.

  9. This plan has been examined and is approved only as to conformance to Title 17 of the Anaheim Municipal Code and is not approved for horizontal or vertical alignment of street or utility grades. Revisions to this grading plan may be required prior to approval of the final map or improvement plans in order to conform to City standards and policies. The Developer is responsible for the cost of modifications due to final utility or street locations.

  10. Before the forms have been set and 24 hours prior to placement of any concrete for sidewalk or drive approach construction, the Contractor shall adjust all necessary utilities within the parkway to grade and obtain approval from Field Engineering, (714) 765-5126.

  11. Should any portion of the property covered by this mass grading plan be developed in a manner that leaves undeveloped graded upstream properties, a destilting facility will be required to protect downstream properties prior to October 15 or as required by the City Engineer.

  12. Grading, excavation, and all other construction activities shall be conducted in such a manner as to minimize the possibility of any silt being carried into the Santa Ana River by storm water originating from or flowing through this project.

  13. No cuts or removals permitted until the Field Engineer marks driveway location (s). Contact Field Engineering at (714) 765-5126 twenty-four hours prior to commencing work within the right-of-way.

  14. Any existing irrigation lines found during construction to be located within the future right-of-way are to be maintained in service and encased in a steel sleeve or replaced with cast iron pipe.

  15. Private streets shall be monumented by a Registered Civil Engineer or licensed Land Surveyor in the same manner as would be required for the monumentation of a public street.

  16. Any violations will result in stopping of all work until the violations are corrected.

  17. Nothing contained on this plan shall be deemed to authorize the violation of any applicable provision of any State Law.

  18. Prior to issuance, the applicant for a Grading Permit shall file a Certificate of Insurance satisfactory to the City Attorney per Section 17.06.230 of Title 17 of the Anaheim Municipal Code.

  19. The contractor shall notify Underground Service Alert at 1-800-422-4133 a minimum of 48 hours prior to start of construction within right-of-way.

  20. Erosion and dust control shall conform to Title 17 of the Anaheim Municipal Code, Standard Specifications for Public Works construction, and any special requirements of the permit.

  21. Erosion control plans shall be submitted and approved prior to issuance of a grading permit, or October 1, if grading is to occur between October 15 and April 15.

  22. The following applies only to commercial/industrial operations disturbing land areas of one to five acres.

    Construction sites shall be maintained in such a condition that an anticipated storm does not carry wastes or pollutants off the site.

    Discharges of material other than stormwater are allowed only when necessary for performance and completion of construction practices and where they do not: cause or contribute to a violation of any water quality standard; cause or threaten to cause pollution, contamination, or nuisance; or contain a hazardous substance in a quantity reportable under Federal Regulations 40 CFR Parts 117 and 302.

    Potential pollutants include but are not limited to: solid or liquid chemical spills; wastes from paints, stains, sealant, glues, limes, pesticides, herbicides, wood preservatives and solvents; asbestos fibers, paint flakes or stucco fragments; fuels, oils, lubricants, and hydraulic, radiator or battery fluids; fertilizers, vehicle/equipment wash water and concrete wash water; concrete, detergent or floatable wastes; wastes from any engine/equipment steam cleaning or chemical degreasing; and super chlorinated potable water line flushings.

    During construction, disposal of such materials should occur in specified and controlled temporary areas on-site, physical separated from potential storm water run-off, with ultimate disposal in accordance with local, state and federal requirements.

    b. Dewatering of contaminated groundwater, or discharging contaminated soils via surface erosion is prohibited. Dewatering of non-contaminated groundwater requires a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit from the respective State Regional Water Quality Control Board.

  23. Landscaping and irrigation plans for all cut and fill slopes greater than 5', all crib walls, and to screen proposed retaining walls, to be submitted to and approved by the Planning Department prior to issuance of a building permit. All landscaping and irrigation facilities are to be completed prior to final building inspection.

  24. All slopes over 5' high shall have permanent landscaping and irrigation facilities installed within sixty days after completion of the slopes or be treated within thirty days with Alternative A or B, noted below.

  25. If a lot has been graded and no construction scheduled for thirty days, then Alternative A or B, noted below, shall be activated (or approved equal).

    Alternative A

    Remove all weeds, rake smooth the finished grade and apply, per manufacturer's specifications, a polybinder adhesive to the surface. The lots shall be kept free from any traffic and any disturbances to the surfaces shall have the polybinder adhesive reapplied within five days notice from the City. The polybinder adhesive shall be reapplied prior to October 1 in anticipation of the rainy season.

    Alternative B

    Remove all weeds, rake smooth the finished grade and hydroseed with the following seed mix (or equivalent) :

    Alyssum "Carpet of Snow" 4 lbs / acre
    Stipa Lepida 6 lbs / acre
    Fiber mulch 2,000 lbs / acre
    PAA-400 Humectant 100 lbs / acre
    R-2400 CL Tackifier 75 lbs / acre
    20-10-5 Grow More Fertilizer 250 lbs / acre

    Area shall be watered twice daily by water truck or temporary irrigation system until full coverage is obtained. After growth is established, water can be reduced to a level to maintain growth. Any damage to the surface which has been hydroseeded, shall be repaired within five days notice from the City of Anaheim.

  26. Prior to issuance of a building permit, any revisions to the pad must be made on the original grading plan and a letter of "As-Graded" pad certification must be approved by the Director of Public Works/City Engineer.

  27. Prior to issuance of building permits, all slopes and drainage devices within the boundaries of the tract shall be "As-Graded" with no exceptions. An "As-Graded" certification shall be placed on this mass grading plan and approved by the Field Engineer.

  28. Building permits shall not be issued prior to final map recordation.

  29. Before this grading plan is "As-Graded", the Soil Engineer shall attest in the "As-Graded" soil report that he has approved the design of all crib walls, that he has field inspected the construction of the crib walls and he shall certify that the overall slope is stable with the crib wall (s) in place.
  30. Prior to issuance of Certification of Occupancy, an "As-Graded" certification must be made on the original grading plan and submitted with final soil reports, including soil fertility reports, to be approved by the Director of Public Works/and City Engineer.

  31. Prior to construction, all survey points that may be disturbed shall be tied out and a Corner Record of each point shall be filed with the County Surveyor. A copy of the recorded Corner Record shall be submitted to the City's Construction Services Division. Following the completion of the construction, a Corner Record of each point that was disturbed shall be filed with the County Surveyor. A copy of the recorded Corner Record shall be submitted to the City's Construction Services Division prior to the recording of a certificate of completion or release of bonds.


EXHIBIT B Continued

  1. A stand-by crew for emergency work shall be available at all times during the rainy seasons (October 15 to April 15). Necessary material shall be available onsite and stockpiled at convenient locations to insure the rapid construction of emergency devices. In case of an emergency, contact: ______________________________ at
    (         )____________________, 24 hours a day.
  2. Erosion control devices shown on this plan may only be removed when approved by the City Engineer if the grading operation has progressed to the point where they are no longer required.
  3. Except as otherwise approved by the City Engineer, all devices shown on the plan shall be in place at the end of each working day or on weekends when the 5 day rain probability forecast exceeds 40%.
  4. Graded areas adjacent to slopes must drain away from the top of slope at the conclusion of each working day when there is a forecast of rain.
  5. All loose soil and debris, which may create a potential hazard to offsite property, shall be removed from the site.
  6. All silt and debris shall be removed from behind all sandbags and properly disposed of within 24 hours after each rainstorm.
  7. Desilting basins shall be drained or pumped dry within 24 hours after each rainstorm. Silt and debris shall be removed and properly disposed of when the storage capacity is met.
  8. The placement of additional devices to reduce erosion damage within the site is left to the discretion of the Field Engineer.
  9. Desilting basins may not be removed or made inoperable between October 15 and April 15 without prior approval of the City Engineer.
  10. The undersigned Civil Engineer will supervise erosion control work in accordance with the approved plans. This includes, but is not limited to, inspection of erosion control measures before rainstorms when there is a 5-day forecast of rain.

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