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1. Who can register to vote?
2. When can I register to vote?
3. How can I register to vote?
4. What if I just moved and did not re-register? Will I be eligible to vote?
5. I became a “new citizen” after the registration deadline. Can I still register and vote?
6. How can I vote by mail?
7. When can I apply for a vote by mail ballot?
8. When is the last day to return my vote by mail ballot?
9. How do I turn in my vote by mail ballot on Election Day?
10. Do I have to apply for a vote by mail ballot for each election?
11. If I request a vote by mail ballot, can i change my mind and still vote at my polling place?
12. Where do I go to vote? Where is my polling place?
13. What are the poll hours of operation?
14. Why has my polling place changed?