City of Anaheim - General Plan Final EIR (Certified May 25, 2004)
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    In 2004, the Anaheim City Council certified Environmental Impact Report (EIR) No. 330, prepared as a Program EIR for the General Plan and Zoning Code Update Program. In 2013, the Anaheim City Council certified Supplemental EIR No. 346, as a supplemental EIR to EIR No. 330, pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Section 15163. EIR No. 346 was prepared to serve as environmental documentation for the Housing Opportunities Sites Rezoning Project.
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  • Volume I:  Final EIR No. 330
    Volume II: Technical Appendices
    Volume III:  Response to Comments
    Statement of Findings of Fact and Overriding Considerations
    General Plan Supplemental EIR
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    Checkout the
    General Plan Land Use Plan Map (4MB .PDF)

    The map is parcel based and is 24x60 inches. The map can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0. The file can be printed on a large format printer or can be purchased from the City of Anaheim Planning Department.