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Welcome to the Subdivisions/Development Services Home Page

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Welcome to the Subdivision/Development Services Home Page. We provide development-related services for private sector development and development by other public agencies or public utilities.

Initial Project Submittal– Grading Plan (GRA)

Initial Project Submittal– Right-of-Way Construction Permit (RCP)

Initial Project Submittal – Certificate of Compliance, Lot Line Adjustment, Study, WQMP, Tract Map & Parcel Map


Lot Line Adjustment Procedures

Lot Line Adjustment Plan Check Checklist

Final Tract Map and Final Parcel Map Procedures

Certificate of Compliance and Application

City Benchmarks


Flatland Grading Procedures

Hillside Grading Plan Procedures

Grading Permit Plan Checklist

Grading Design Manual

Surface Water Quality

NPDES Water Quality Management Plan Procedures

WQMP Plan check Checklist

Water Quality Management Plan Template

Watershed Map

Storm drain Key map

Public and Private Improvements:

Storm Drainage Manual for Public and Private Storm Drainage Facilities

Sewer Design Manual

Street Design Manual

Improvement Procedures

Right of Way Construction Permit

Landscape and Irrigation

Department of Public Works Landscape and Irrigation Manual for Public Street and Highway Rights-of-Way and Easements

Master Street Tree Plan for Arterial Corridors

Real Property

Dedication of Right of Way or Easements

Encroachment License Information and Application

Abandonment Information and Application




Contact Us


Mark Vukojevic City Engineer 765-5148

Subdivision\Development Services Section
Ed Fernandez Development Services Manager 765-4414
Raul Garcia Principal Engineer 765-5255
Keith Linker Principal Engineer 765-4141
Jose Cortez Associate Engineer 765-5039
Adrian Pauna Assistant Engineer 765-5176 x5816

Real Property Section
Ron Pickett Real Property Analyst 765-5186

Engineering Records Section
Ellen Strazzere Supervisor of Records Management 765-5179

Design Services Section
Rudy Emami Design Services Manager 765-5065
Street Design/Special Projects
Karl Francis Principal Civil Engineer/Project Development Mgr. 765-5175
Jimson Gutierrez Associate Engineer 765-5251
Cesar Carrillo Associate Engineer 765-5473
Sewer/Storm Drain Design
Khanh Chu Principal Civil Engineer/Programs and Studies 765-5289
Tiberius Rosu Senior Civil Engineer 765-5176 x4113
Sandip Budhia

Associate Engineer

Rowena Jarcia Associate Engineer 765-4913


Real Property Acquisition
Richard Garcia Associate Engineer 765-4433

Traffic & Transportation Section
Taher Jalai Principal Traffic Engineer 765-5183
John Thai Principal Traffic Engineer 765-5202
Doug Park
David Kennedy
Principal Transportation Planner
Associate Engineer
Hoan Nguyen Associate Engineer


Jane Keely
Curt Breusing
Associate Engineer
Assistant Engineer




Useful Links

Dig Alert

Planning Department

American Public Works Association

State of California Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors



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Subdivisions/Development Services

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