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City of Anaheim
Fire Department
City Hall West
201 South Anaheim Boulevard,
Anaheim, CA 92805
Main Business Number (Non-Emergency)
Chief Randy R. Bruegman
Fire Chief
Randy R. Bruegman
For more than 150 years, the Anaheim Fire Department has proudly served the people of Anaheim. Today, the City holds the highest classification awarded by the Insurance Services Office as a Class 1 City for exemplary response time, equipment and community water supply. The department is comprised of 12 fire stations, each staffed with highly trained fire and paramedic service professionals, in addition to a devoted operations team. Anaheim is one of California's most visited cities and we are dedicated to providing excellent fire, rescue and emergency medical services to all those who come this city to live, work and play.

Public education is crucial to the Anaheim Fire Department and is one of the few departments in the nation to receive a grant from the National Fire Protection Association to perform "Learn not to Burn," a program that teaches school age children the importance of fire safety. In addition, programs including "Ready! Set! Go!" provide information to protect homes and property from wildfires.

The Anaheim Fire Department is committed to an ongoing education of its firefighters and personnel so that we can continue to provide the highest quality of services. It is an honor to be a part of the Anaheim framework and we look forward to serving you in this world-class city.


  •  Mission Vision Values


We the members of the Anaheim Fire Department are dedicated, above all else, to ensuring the safety and welfare of the public we serve, through the services we provide.


Through commitment to service and our values, we are recognized as a leader of excellence in the delivery of Fire and Emergency Services.


ACCOUNTABILITY: We hold ourselves and each other responsible for the words we speak and the actions we take.

EXCELLENCE: Excellence is achieved when we effectively confront and respond to the toughest issues and circumstances with competence, vision and courage.

INTEGRITY: We do the right thing- even when no one is looking and we treat others as we want to be treated. Our integrity is measured by the trust and respect we have earned.

LEADERSHIP: Leadership is influencing people to go where they would not have gone themselves, with confidence, respect, loyalty, and honor.

PROFESSIONALISM: Our professionalism is represented when we demonstrate technical proficiency, proactively solve problems, maintain self-discipline, and conduct ourselves in a way that serves the public well.

RELATIONSHIPS: Relationships are valued and nurtured in our organization both internally and externally, creating an environment that instills pride, loyalty and humility.

RESPECT: Respect is an earned result of being fair, treating each other with dignity and kindness, holding ourselves and others accountable, and valuing the opinions of others especially in times of disagreement.

TEAMWORK: We demonstrate teamwork by drawing on the skills, strengths, and contributions of others to proactively utilize their diverse talents to produce positive outcomes.

TRUST: We build trust through consistently behaving with honor, integrity, and care for each other and our customers. We value the trust the public has in us and we recognize that it is our responsibility to uphold this trust.


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