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Welcome to the Economic Development Home Page

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The City of Anaheim is an innovative, service-oriented and responsive partner to businesses. The Economic Development program staff facilitates the retention, growth, and expansion of businesses by communicating and providing business-friendly programs and services that are aimed toward a balanced economy, a net increase in city revenues and a positive city image.

A Superior Lifestyle is what Anaheim offers for businesses and residents by providing benefits, services and recreational amenities unlike anywhere else in the world. No other city can boast of world-class business districts, golf courses, quality neighborhoods, theme parks, arenas, a stadium, a convention center and a Mediterranean climate - attributes that make Anaheim the finest in Southern California living.

An Outstanding Location is one of the primary reasons businesses and residents call Anaheim their home. Look at a map of Southern California and you will find that Anaheim is ideally situated in the middle of one of the world's largest economies. Airports, seaports, freeways and railways are all easily accessible from Anaheim. Close proximity to the ocean, mountains, lakes and deserts are reasons why Anaheim is the location of choice by over 15,000 businesses and 328,000 residents.