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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Anaheim OUTDOORS?

Anaheim OUTDOORS is the City of Anaheimís vision to be a model community in meeting environmental goals and creating healthy communities by increasing access to green space throughout the City, developing a system of interconnecting green corridors and creating pedestrian and bicycle-friendly streets and trails.

What are the primary objectives of the Anaheim OUTDOORS plan?

The primary objectives are to enhance the health, safety, and well-being of Anaheim residents and visitors through additional outdoor enhancements, and to provide improved connectivity for pedestrian and bicycles between city destinations, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the California Global Warning Solutions Act of 2006.

How long will the plan take to be implemented?

The Anaheim OUTDOORS plan is a long-term undertaking that may take 20 to 30 years to be fully realized, although parts of it are already underway.

How will the plan be funded and implemented?

Initially the Anaheim OUTDOORS plan will be implemented in smaller efforts, largely using state and federal grants. Longer term larger projects may be funded through a combination of funds including grants and general fund monies, and implemented in conjunction with ongoing capital improvement projects and collaborations with private development.

What types of improvements are expected?

The recently opened Burris Basin multi-use trails at Anaheim Coves are a good example of the types of projects envisioned for Anaheim OUTDOORS.

Who are the key stakeholders in the development and implementation of the Anaheim OUTDOORS plan?

In addition to the City of Anaheim, key stakeholders include the Southern California Association of Governments, County of Orange, Orange County Transportation Authority, Orange County Water District, Kaiser Permanente, YMCA and Orange County Health Care Agency and adjacent cities.