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Elections Information

November 4, 2014 General Municipal Election

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Notice of Election (Spanish/Vietnamese/Korean/Chinese)

Notice of Nominees for Public Office & Notice of Measures to be Voted On

The City's General Municipal Election will be held on November 4, 2014.  The election is currently for the Mayor Seat, two (2) Council Member seats & three (3) measures.


Frequently Asked Questions - Ballot Measures

Measure L
Measure M
Measure N
  • What is the City's current electoral process?

  • Currently, the City Charter states that City Council members (including the Mayor) are elected "at large". This means that all members of the City Council can live anywhere in the City and are voted on by all Anaheim voters.

  • What will a yes vote on Measure L mean?

  • A “yes” vote is in favor of changing the method of electing Council Members (but not the Mayor) from "at large" to "by districts". “By districts” means Council Members would have to live in the geographic district they represent and be elected only by voters living in that district. Measure L states that the Mayor would continue to be elected at large by all voters.

  • What will a no vote on Measure L mean?

  • A “no” vote is a vote against adopting the measure. If a majority of voters do not vote “yes” then, the current "at large" system as outlined in the existing City Charter provisions will remain in effect.

  • If Measure L is approved, in what election would the Charter Amendment begin to take effect?

  • November 2016.

  • If Measure L is approved, how will the Charter Amendment be implemented with respects to Council Member seats?

  • Measure L states that in November 2016, (at least) two Council Member seats would be up for election and shall be elected "by district." In November 2018, the remaining Council Member seats (at least two) would be elected "by districts." Only voters living in the respective district where a Council Member election is being held could vote for that Council Member seat. The election of the Mayor will remain at large. No Council Members elected to an at-large seat will have their term shortened or residency required prior to the November 2016 election.

  • If Measure L is approved, when and how will the districts be determined?

  • The City Council will create districts no later than July 8, 2016, in compliance with State and Federal laws, including that districts be of approximately equal population. And, although not part of Measure L, an Advisory Committee made up of Anaheim voters will make recommendations regarding district maps to the City Council.

  • How does Measure L relate to other city measures on the November 4, 2014 ballot that affect the City’s electoral system?

  • Measure L states that it is complementary to Measure M (Increase City Council Members to Six).

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